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Friday, November 30, 2012

American Business Ways Suck

Tuesday night I was in a great mood because I’d had a couple of Tom and Jerry drinks, which totally warmed the cockles of my heart, and I had listened to Christmas music all afternoon. My world was sublime. I was feeling groovy. I was feeding Sam treats and he was feeling groovy too. But today is Friday and the holiday euphoria is long gone.

Yesterday, Sam and I sat at home all day waiting for a technician to hook us up to the internet via DISH TV so I could dump Century Link. This was one of those deals where we originally were told that the technician would show up sometime between 8 a.m. Wednesday morning and 8 p.m. Wednesday night. Then I received an email late Tuesday evening informing me that my appointment had been moved back to Thursday. I was not consulted whether Thursday would be convenient (Wednesday would have been much better), I was just informed that I was being bumped. I called DISH Wednesday and was told if I called them Thursday morning they would be able to give me a more definitive time when the technician might arrive.

I called DISH Thursday morning at 8:30. I was told my technician should arrive at my house about 10:30. So, Sam and I waited. I usually take Sam out for his walk about 10:30 but I made the poor little guy wait because I didn’t want to miss the technician.

Now, patience is NOT one of my virtues. Frankly speaking, I don’t really want it to be. And of course, the technician did not show up at 10:30. I waited until 12:30, still no technician. So, I called DISH and asked as politely as my simmering temper would allow, when I might be able to expect my lost technician. I was then told he/she would arrive sometime between 1:47 p.m. and 2:15. But the technician did not show up by 2:15. At 2:30 I called DISH again and was told the technician must have run into some real difficulties hooking someone else up. A call supposedly was put into the technician and he supposedly said he’d be at my house by 3:25. Sam was getting really antsy to go on his walk and I had moved from simmering to seething.

By 3:30 the technician still had not shown. I called DISH again. This time I laid into a supervisor and told him with as little shouting and as few curse words as possible how teed off I was. The supervisor made sympathetic noises, but did not help me in the least, only assuring me that the technician would most surely arrive at my house no later than 5:00. At that point I’d had enough and told the DISH supervisor I had things to do and wasn’t willing to wait until 5 o’clock. I told him to reschedule me for Friday morning.

The DISH supervisor informed me he couldn’t reschedule me for Friday morning because Friday’s schedule already was set. Only the technician could decide whether to come on Friday and he wasn’t responding to the supervisor’s calls. Sooooo, I said cancel my order. The supervisor informed me he couldn’t do that because the technician might cancel my Century link hookup on his way to my house and I would be left overnight without internet. Do the words, “volcanicus eruptis” mean anything to you? Holding back a Niagara Falls of curse words (which nearly killed me); I asked the supervisor what time the technician’s shift ended. I was told it ended at 5 p.m. Of course. The technician - as far as I knew - never did arrive here.

So, here it is Friday morning. I am unable to connect to the internet. I’ve called Dish, it’s almost 9 o’clock a.m. and I’ve been on hold since shortly after 8. Since telling the dish person on the other end of my call what my problem was he seems to have completely disappeared.

While on hold I have had to listen to a message that keeps saying over and over and over, “Thanks for calling. We appreciate your business. A representative will be with you shortly.”

Finally, the rep. comes back on the phone and asks me if I have a modem and when I answer yes he puts me on hold again. Next time he comes back on I lay into him and ask for another supervisor, which I get. FINALLY.

The supervisor tells me that the technician, which Sam and I had waited for all day, came by at 4.26 p.m. and changed things over outside the house. But he never knocked on the door or anything, so this morning when I tried to get on the internet I couldn’t.

After much trial and error the supervisor helped me get back on line and agreed to refund the fee I had been willing to have the technician help me get set up - INSIDE the house.

Why do things like this always have to be such a hassle? Three bags of Sam’s stinkiest poop on DISH, Century Link and all those other American businesses out there that whine about us not wanting to do business with them. Is it any wonder? I will be sending a letter of complaint to the CEO of DISH, to Century Link, to the Federal Communication Commission, to the Better Business Bureau and anybody else I can think of. ARRGGHHH!!!

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