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Monday, November 19, 2012

If the Trees Only had Ears

Yesterday, when Sam and I were walking in the park, we came across a guy standing next to a picnic table, singing his heart out.

It’s not the first time we’ve seen the guy either. He shows up every once in awhile and belts out a love song or two for the entire world to hear. We don’t know if he is singing because he has a broken heart -he doesn’t appear to be sad - because he’s trying out for The Voice or American Idol or because he just likes to hear himself sing and his wife won’t let him croon at home in the shower. He’s got a pretty good voice too, a nice strong baritone/tenor. He seems always to be accompanied by music on an iPod because he’s holding one in his hand and he has an ear bud stuck in his ear. This singer guy does not appear to be self-conscious in the least. One day maybe Sam and I will approach him and ask him what gives, but for now we’ll just let him sing. Ain’t no law against it, as far as we know.

I can relate to the guy maybe wanting to sing in the park because his heart is full of joy. Sometimes I feel like bursting out in song because I’m so happy. I have often cut loose in the shower or in my truck when I’m haulin’ ash down the road. One year on a trip back and forth between Cottage, Oregon and Bellingham, WA, I warbled along with U2 almost all the way - both ways (wonder if U2 ever found what they were looking for?).

Maybe the park singer just gets a song stuck in his head, like I frequently do, and can’t get rid of it any other way than to cut loose in the wide open spaces. Maybe I should try that. Last year, just before Christmas I had One Day at a Time, as sung by Christie Lane, stuck in my head and it would not go away for weeks. Recently, I got hung up on Lamb of God You Take Away the Sins of the World. Wonder what people would think if I sang that in the park? They’d probably think I was nuts and call the guys in white coats.

It would be fun if Sam would sing along with me, but I don’t think I can talk him into it. The only time he appears to sing is when the smoke detector goes off or when Kathleen’s playing her recorder. I don’t think those two things sound anything alike, but apparently Sam does; either that or they hurt his ears. Kathleen has banned him from her practice sessions now because she doesn’t like him sitting on the couch beside her hitting high C or -whatever, I think it’s kind of cute, personally. I think I prefer his singing to his barking because about half the time I don’t know what the heck he’s barking about.

I have attended some great concerts in parks here and there. Maybe that singer guy would appreciate it if I drummed up an audience to hear him sing. You think?

No, probably not. Most likely he’d say poop on that. If only the trees had ears. 

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