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Friday, October 19, 2012

Why Would You Unfriend Us?

Hey. Who unfriended me and Sam? I received a notice recently that three people have unfriended us. Well, thank you not very much! I can see you unfriending me - whoever you are - but Sam? My dog is the friendliest little guy you ever met. I can’t think who you unfrienders must be. Okay, unless you’re the people I unfriended. I mean boy, some of you people seem to think that Facebook is your personal daily journal where you record you every mundane thought.

Are we talking about politics too much? My parents always told me to avoid discussions about religion and politics. But Romney and the Republicans? Sounds more like a long-haired rock band than people to run our country. They’re certainly not hip-hop because they are not hip enough - especially Paul Ryan.

Have we talked about sex too much? That’s hard to believe because I pledged that this blog wouldn’t carry adult content and Sam’s been fixed so he doesn’t even know about “adult content.” I don’t think we’ve taken over Dr. Phil’s role or worse, Jerry Springer’s. We don’t complain about the weather too much do we? And I can’t remember ever speaking ill of any of you or any of our neighbors (though it’s tempting). You unfrienders probably just don’t agree with our opinions on the other things we write about. We can understand that. Even Kathleen doesn’t agree with everything we say (hardly anything actually, but that’s another matter). But boy, we try to make this blog fun and interesting.

Do I talk about my books too much? Well, you should read them. The Red Jacket is an exciting adventure tale about a young man who battles a near-fatal illness, his family and a flooding river to gain the right to grow up and become a major league baseball player. The Wine Red Road is a murder mystery set in Livermore, CA where I lived years ago (no, I didn’t leave any skeletons behind).

Okay, maybe we grouse about sports too much. But c’mon, have you watched the Seahawks lately? The Huskies? The Cougars? If there’s a football team in heaven none of those guys are gonna’ be on it. And don’t even get us started about the Mariners!

We could pay a service to tell us who unfriended us. Can you believe that? You can get just about anything on the internet. But who cares? Live and let leave is our motto. You no lika our faces, we no like yours. Capiche?

Anyway, summers over and the Christmas shopping season is just about upon us. I think Sam and I will just go out and buy us a few new friends. Kathleen and I have a wall hanging that says, “Creativity is not the finding of a thing, but the making something out of it after it is found.” I think we’ll change that to say, “Friendship is not the finding of a friend, but the making of a friendship after you’ve found a friend.” Or something like that. What do you think?

Here’s a bag of poop on you unfrfienders. We’d levy three bags of poop on you if we hadn’t unfriended a couple of you first. LOL, as they say. 

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