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Monday, October 22, 2012

Bring Back Bad Boy Bill

Sam and I have said it more than once already, but we sure will be glad when the elections are over, especially the presidential election. We’re just sorry that we can’t vote for Bill Clinton. We know he isn’t allowed to serve another term as President, but as much as we like Obama and dislike Romney, Sam and I would gladly write Bill’s name in for President if we could.

Like a lot of Americans, I was ready to impeach Clinton because of the Monica Lewinsky affair. What a tawdry event to occur in the White House; not that other presidents never engaged in hanky panky there - Mr. Camelot did. But it just didn’t look real good that Clinton was receiving BJs while holding the key to nuclear Armageddon and so on. On the other hand, his administration did produce a balanced budget and even a surplus.

Sam and I would be willing to forgive and forget and vote for Clinton now simply because the man is such a smooth talker and actually makes sense. When he delivers a speech he is so believable. I know that skill was on display during his presidency, but we really didn’t listen then. But he totally convinced Congress and others that he was sorry and penitent for his sins. Big Bad Bill now looks like Sir Lancelot instead of the Wolf who wanted to eat Red Riding Hood, as far as Sam and I are concerned.

Recently, Ol’ Bill just blew us away with his Obama nomination speech during the Democratic National Convention. WOW! Silver-haired, slim and confident, oozing charm and chutzpah, he had the DNC audience and us at home eating out of his hand. We hung on his every word, especially when he punctuated important parts of his speech with a pointed finger and that “This is the by-god truth” look in his eyes. He’s one of those rare people who says things with a take-it-or-leave -it conviction, with a straight-from-the-gut delivery, like he was just sitting in an easy chair discussing current events with you heart to heart. And you’d be an idiot not to believe him.

Sam and I liked it that Bill sounded like a knowledgeable professor when he cited facts. And we really warmed up to him when he said he had never learned to hate Republicans like Republican extremists seem to hate Democrats. He talked about our political parties focusing on solutions to our country’s problems rather than fighting all the time. He said the key to licking our problems is cooperation of the two parties. You go Bill!

Sam and I are voting for Obama. Like Bill said, Obama inherited a lot of problems as soon as he stepped into the White House. We think he’s at least done a C+ job. The only thing we don’t like about him is his jaunty Harvard attitude. We wish he could be more real like Bill. Of course, Bill has nothing to lose now that he’s out of the White House.

We won’t vote for Romney. We don’t believe anything he says. His big problem is that he wants us to believe everything he says is right when he obviously isn’t even sure. Bill had real conviction in his words. We watch Romney and his “Trust-me-smile” is exactly the kind of smile our mamas told us not to trust. It’s INSINCERE.

Two bags of poop on Romney and Ryan (uh, one for each).

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