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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Any Donation $$ Will Help

You gotta’ love George Wilson’s idea for trick or treat.

You know Mr. Wilson, right? He’s the neighbor Dennis the Menace loves to terrorize. In yesterday’s comics in The Olympian, Mr. Wilson was dressed up in straw hat and bow tie like a politician and was holding a Kentucky Fried Chicken-sized bucket that said, “Support my campaign,” obviously hoping people would put money in the bucket as he went door to door. Sam and I like the idea and are thinking about adopting it except we wouldn’t be running for any political office.

Not to worry though, you can send your monetary donations directly to us. They wouldn’t be tax deductible, but shoot, how much of a tax bite can you save on $5 or $10? And a dollar contribution wouldn’t do either of us much good. Just think about it. You know you want to send us money. Look into our puppy dug eyes and send, send, send.

Sam and I wonder if those people who stand on street corners begging money are secretly running for political office. Their makeshift signs usually say, “Homeless. Anything helps. God Bless.” Bust Sam and I can imagine a Romney/Ryan sign saying, “Hopeless. Nothing helps. Lying rules.” One more week of the political opponent bashings and then maybe we can watch TV again without being totally disgusted. Thank God!!- Unless we watch the Seahawks.

Have you paid much attention to the money being spent on political campaigns? Not only is the presidential race setting grossly ridiculous records on spending so are congressional races, state government races and probably even your local garbage district races. No wonder the politicians are all so busy sticking their buckets in our faces.

I cannot tell you how many times the last month or so that I have been asked to contribute just a few more dollars to put someone’s campaign over the top. Boy, you give once and those people just do not forget. They want more and more and more. They’re worse than Sam when he wants a treat. Giving him a treat once is never enough. Giving politician money once is like enabling a drug addict to continue to abuse drugs. Despite the nice letters I’ve been receiving from Michelle Obama, I am not sending her husband’s campaign more money. I’m trying to live on retirement income for crying out loud.

Even worse than the appeals though are the recent requests for me to call people on the telephone and ask them to vote or go door to door in my neighborhood. Boy, last thing I want to do is alienate all my neighbors. On the other hand, maybe if I took Sam door to door with me . . . the neighbors all really like him. I could have him carry a little bucket in his mouth that said “Support Our Campaign,” I’d just have to figure out what our campaign would be. Or maybe I should carry the bucket and let Sam bark “Trick or Treat.” I’ll have to teach him to do that.

Two bags of poop on the politicians constantly asking us for money. What’s in it for us Sam and me we would like to know?

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