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Friday, September 14, 2012

New Mattress To Aid Dreams

Kathleen and I are having a new mattress delivered today. We thought we needed a new one since we’ve slept on the current one for 15 years now. I’m hoping the new mattress will improve my dreams. It should, it cost enough. It’s a Sears O’pedic with lots of individually wrapped coils to make it firm and eminently sleep able.

I was telling Sam the dream I had last night was somewhat bizarre. I dreamed I was a dormitory Resident Assistant or Associate or whatever (an RA), at a local university and the university was getting ready to conduct a fire drill to make sure all of the dorm residents knew where to rally so we could count noses.

I was supposed to meet my boss - some cranky old woman whose face reminded me of someone I used to work with - and her assistant, a pretty nice guy I also used to work with, at my rally point, which happened to be located at the bottom of a hill up against a deep-water canal that led to the ocean. A sidewalk with Venetian-style overhead lights ran alongside the canal.

But, I got lost - couldn’t find that danged rallying point to save my life (or my dorm residents). To make matters worse, I was toting a 20-foot plastic, see-through ruler on my right shoulder and kept bonking into people or objects. I did finally find my rallying point, but of course, received a royal bawling out for being so slow.

Prior to the fire drill nightmare I was dreaming about something that I had done earlier in my life and which I still deeply regret. It wasn’t anything criminal, just a case of being a total buttinski and hurting someone rather badly. Even though that person has forgiven me and I’ve forgiven myself, I still feel tremendously guilty sometimes.

How would you analyze my fire drill dream? I’m thinking it might have been some kind of penance for the guilty dream. I’m thinking that getting lost trying to find my rally point might represent my lifelong struggle to separate right from wrong and find my true path in life. Maybe the ruler represented the fact that my days on earth are measured by a certain length of time, and the canal represented the fact I could easily be swept out to sea. As far as letting my dorm residents down by not finding our rally point in a timely manner - I think that’s self explanatory.

Most of my dreams never end because I get to a certain point and wake up needing urgently to pee. That’s aggravating. But the fire drill dream actually completed itself before Kathleen rolled over and said, “Omigosh! It’s 6:30. I gotta get up. Will you make some coffee?” Making coffee’s my husband job first thing in the morning. Occasionally, Sam will wake us up if we’re running late, but he didn’t even bark today.

I hope our new mattress is really comfortable, I just hope it isn’t so comfortable we have to resort to setting an alarm clock. We’ve never used an alarm clock and I sure don’t want to start now. Two bags of poop on using an alarm clock.

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