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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Let's TP the Dangedd GOP

Sam and I wonder why we still produce one-ply toilet paper in this country. Two-ply is barely adequate. What we really need is six-ply or more, especially if we elect Mitt Romney and his slash-pillage-and-burn running mate Paul Ryan to office this November. There may not even be a toilet paper strong enough to clean up the mess they’ll make of our nation.

The other day a picture of George Bush with a caption that asked, “Do you miss me yet?” was circulating on Facebook. No! Not! Never! Anybody who answered yes to that has to be certifiably nuts. Why are we blaming President Obama for all the problems Bush created for this country? You’ve forgotten already that he got us involved in two wars and let an unprecedented banking and mortgage earthquake nearly destroy our economy? Okay, Sam and I believe he was right in going after the terrorists hanging out in Afghanistan, but Iraq?! No!

Now, those of you who voted a largely Republican Congress into office last election time are seeing the further destruction of this country because the Republicans have stymied almost every bit of helpful legislation the Democrats have tried to push through. The GOP is sticking its trunk in the sand and blocking a bill that would come to the aid of Midwest farmers burned by the current drought and the GOP wouldn’t even get off its elephantine butt to budget enough money to bail the Post Office out of trouble for crying out loud. The Post Office!

And the Republicans keep vowing to get rid of the new Health Care legislation. Good grief, have they no compassion? It’s like they’re saying to the less fortunate of this country, “We’re doing okay, what’s your problem?”

Guess what Republicans? Free-market entrepreneurship, slashing the budget, cutting taxes and denying health care to the needy doesn’t work for everybody. It certainly isn’t working for our country. When was the last time we had a balanced budget? The Clinton (Democratic) administration? Maybe Bill was too busy cavorting with White House interns and taking money away from the military, but at least our country wasn’t in the mess it’s in now. Is a balanced budget even necessary or desirable? Maybe not.

We need to eliminate income tax cuts entirely, we need to make those people earning more than $250,000 pay social security taxes and we need to cut the military budget some - just not so much that we weaken our ability to respond to terrorism’s threat.

Sam and I don’t relate all that well to Obama’s jaunty Harvardness, but we do believe he’s trying his best and we ought to give him another four years in office. At the end of that four years, if things haven’t turned a corner for our country, throw the bugger out. Sam and I have our doubts that the GOP can come up with anybody better, even given another four years to do so, but who knows?

Meanwhile, let’s all go to our nearest grocery stores and buy some toilet paper so we can flush the Republicans out of Congress and keep them from crapping on our economy even more than they already have. Three bags of poop on that.

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