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Friday, June 1, 2012

Spring's Been A Little Weird

Is it summertime yet? My doctor was wondering that when I went to see him yesterday. I said I was wondering if we’d already had summer, because the weather had been pretty nice the last couple of weeks - with temperatures in the high 60s mid 70s and lots of glorious sunshine (as opposed to much of the rest of our country broiling in the 80s and 90s and going up in the flames of numerous wildfires).

Our weather has been strange this spring. But it was supposed to start raining again today and it did. Maybe because El Nino is supposed to be over our weather pattern is returning to something more “normal” this year and just seems weird. The last few years we haven’t gotten more than a couple days of nice weather before we paid for it with a week or two of rain. But this year, so far, hasn’t been like that.

I suppose there’s a silver lining in all our rain clouds, because we stay pretty green year round - except for our lawns. Withhold consistent water from our lawns and they dry right up. If we water just a wee bit, however, BANG! Our water bill shoots up like a broken water line gusher.

Speaking of BANG, I don’t know if it’s our unusual weather or not, but you probably have read or heard on TV about all the shootings in our area lately. Cops - locals, state troopers, park rangers and others -have been gunned down like it was open season on them. A poor citizen driving his family home from the airport the other day was killed when he got caught in the crossfire of two guys whanging away at each other. A young girl was the innocent victim of an errant drive-by shooting. People are being shot, stabbed, bludgeoned and burned to death as if the Pacific Northwest has suddenly been turned into Mexican drug cartel land or at least the mean streets of Detroit or Los Angeles. And we thought Charlie Manson was bad! This kind of murder and mayhem isn’t supposed to happen here.

Speaking of murder and mayhem, the Seattle Mariners have been the doormat of the American League West Division for several years now (Lou, come back!) but the last two days they have shelled the Texas Rangers, the division leaders, driving 31 runs across the plate. It’s got to be the weather. How else do you explain guys who swing at pitches like 4-year old T-ballers suddenly pounding the horsehide off the baseball?

The Storm women’s basketball team is losing and they don’t usually. The Sounders soccer team is up and down - that’s normal. Some people are trying to bring an NBA basketball team back to Seattle and want to call the new team the Sonics again (NO! NO! NO! Please). And the Seahawks are holding spring training camp and trying desperately to convince us they’re going to win this year. R-I-G-H-T.

Spring in the Northwest has been totally weird so far, so I’m with my doc. In hoping summer gets here pretty soon. At least this year we’ll be able to buy our booze at the grocery store or drugstore or private liquor store - all of them will probably be open on Sundays. We voters said ixnay on the State’s monopoly on liquor sales (thanks Costco, et al) and it was high time. Nothing is more weird than a state selling you booze then throwing your can in the can because you got drunk.

But I digress. Two bags of poop on weird weather, just keep that summer sunshine coming. Sam and I are planning a barbecue - with margaritas, of course. Cheers!

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