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Monday, June 18, 2012

Celebrate Dad's Day, Come On!

Happy Father’s Day to me. Happy Father’s Day to me. Happy Father’s Day to me-e. Happy Father’s Day to me - and to all you other dads out there. Question. Why does Father’s Day come after Mother’s Day? Why do moms get to be first? Who decided that? Next year maybe we should do Father’s Day first. Who’s up for that? 

Kathleen and I were in Costco picking up a few groceries yesterday and a clerk asked me if I had something special planned for Father’s Day. I looked at Kathleen and said, “Do I?” but I don’t recall that she answered me. Turns out, however, we’re going to Seattle for the day. Oh yay. 

I haven’t received any presents for Father’s Day. One of my daughters said she had sent something, but she didn’t think it would arrive at my house in time for Sunday. She was right, it didn’t. But at least I know it’s coming. My other daughter promised to call me. We’ll see. With all her kids she might get too busy and forget. Kathleen’s daughter used to send me a card, but she doesn’t anymore. Kathleen herself admitted she forgot to buy me a card. Sam woke up enough a little while ago to give me a lick or two. He’s sacked out on the couch right now. Oh well. At least I believe I’m loved. I really can’t see making a big fuss anyway. 

If I could have anything I want for Father’s Day, I’m not sure what I’d ask for. At my age I have pretty much everything I want: a nice family, a loyal dog, a nice home with a coupla’ nice cars in the garage, a little (not much) walking around money, most of my health. What else is there? 

The one thing I think I‘d really like would be more time with family members, and I don’t mean just my wife and kids and dog. No, I’m talking about aunts, uncles, brothers and sisters, cousins, et al. I don’t feel like I get to see those people nearly enough. My sister’s sudden death last week just brought home once again how spread out my family members are and how seldom I get to see them. One of the most joyous things I’ve ever been privileged to participate in is a big ol’ family reunion. The last one we had was many years ago. I love sitting around B.S.-ing with family, watching grandkids play, eating too much good food and all that sort of thing. Thinking about a family reunion makes me long for the “good old days.” 

If I can’t have a family reunion or a new red Porsche (my second choice), I think I’d like to have one of those drone airplanes like the military people are using now. I don’t want to attack or bomb anybody. I just think it would be fun to spy on my neighbors - and my kids if I could get the thing to go to California. I wonder how much those drones cost. Do you suppose there’s a lot of expensive maintenance to keep them airborne? I suppose one needs a fair amount of computer sophistication - which I don’t have - to manage a drone. 

Oh well. Happy Father’s Day dads. And a bag of poop on your kids if they forget to call or send you a card. Otherwise, like the song says, “Celebrate good times, come on!”

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