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Monday, January 16, 2012

These STOOPID! Laws R Us

In our last post Sam and I did some complaining with the hope that we might live longer. At least a local church reader board told us that complainers lived longer. So, begging your indulgence, we’d like to complain about a few things that we consider really STOOOPID.

Our main complaint today is against our Washington state legislators who apparently have nothing more serious to do than sit around dreaming up STOOOPID new laws. Never mind that our state is reeling from another serious budget shortfall (for the third or fourth time). No, our current batch of legislators apparently think that taking care of the state’s economy is too difficult so they are tackling other issues.

What other issues? Well, gay marriage for one - understandable I guess since we have several openly gay legislators. Boy, you talk about the vermin crawling out from under the woodwork. These people are hell-bent to make sure same-sex people can be legally wed. GAG! How disgusting. Give them all the rights they need to feel “equal” in every other way, but NEVER, NEVER allow them to marry. You will never convince Sam and I that marriage of same-sex people is normal or makes gay people equal to the rest of us. Ain’t gonna’ happen compadre.

And now we see somebody is proposing that cigarette smoking in cars carrying young children should be outlawed. Oh My God! Who are these people? Where did they come from? What are they thinking? The long arm of the law does not need to reach into our automobiles and stop us from smoking when young kids are present. It’s STOOOPID. Yes it’s a risk to the kids’ health. But NO, we must NOT try to legislate everything. It’s STOOOPID!.

Outlawing plastic grocery bags is another bad idea, unless our legislators can come up with a better one. Paper bags just use up trees. Cloth bags are great, but I always forget mine is lying in the back seat of my vehicle when I go into the grocery store. And why do I have to pay for a cloth bag? Why don’t grocery stores and other retailers simply give you a cloth bag when you buy their groceries or products? I know it’s not as cheap as using plastic bags but heck, grocery stores and retailers tack additional expenses onto just about everything else anyway.

Then we have some yo-yo - or yo-yos since legislation often is proposed by more than one lawmaker - wanting to require disclosure of semen donations. Don’t spread your sperm around Fred unless you’re prepared for the sperm bank to tell the world how many times you’ve donated and where they passed it on.

Last, but certainly not least is a proposal that would require anyone convicted of vehicular homicide as a result of abusing alcohol or drugs, to pay child support to the victim’s minor children. If this ploy would work better than jail, it might not be so dumb. Guys hate to pay child support even for their own kids.

Three bags of poop on STOOOPID legislation. Now, let’s recess.

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