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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What Thanks Shall We Give?

Happy Thanksgiving everybody. Kathleen and I are in Montana with her family. Sam’s visiting his friends at Top Dog Daycare while we’re away.

So, what do we have to be thankful for this year? I’m not sure if I’m thankful that some researchers have concluded that good vigorous exercise 12 hours or so before stuffing myself with turkey and all the trimmings can prevent a post-meal spike in my triglycerides – which can be bad for my heart. Oh yippee! I think I’ll just go comatose in front of a TV football game and sleep my turkey meal off like I usually do.

I’m certainly not thankful that the so-called Super Committee turned out to be more of a Stupor (Stupid) Committee and failed miserably to come up with consensus budget reductions. Think they had a triglyceride overload? I applaud President Obama for sticking to his guns and saying he’ll veto any bills sent to his desk that would scuttle some of the automatic budget cuts now scheduled to occur.

I’m sorry, but all those Republicans who signed an anti-tax pledge with conservative activist Grover Nordquist are about to sow what they reaped – a country in even worse economic chaos than it is now. Dooming this country to slow death by tax revenue starvation makes no sense. But the stubbornness of Republicans hell-bent on winning re-election at all costs really chaps my hide. No, wait, what really chaps my hide is the smugness of Nordquist when he was interviewed on 60 Minutes the other night. There is nothing to be less thankful for than a man utterly convinced that he is right when all evidence points to the contrary. I was so angry after watching 60 minutes I seethed the whole night and next day.

I’m not thankful that John F. Kennedy was assassinated this week back in 1963. Like many others, I clearly remember where I was at the time – walking across the campus of Humboldt State University (college then). Personally, I still think the Bay of Pigs disaster got him killed. I think Fidel Castro triumphed over the hotshot Boston boy who wrongly though family and money trumped all else.

I know I’m not thankful that my northwest football teams keep losing – not just losing, but losing in achingly stupid ways. Last week’s University of Washington game against Oregon State should have been won by UW. But a UW receiver all alone with a clear path to the goal line and no one from Oregon State even close to him somehow managed to drop a pass that was laid right in his hands. Not long after that botched play the UW place kicker managed to go wide-right with a field goal attempt – so wide in fact, I think it landed in the next state over. Let’s see, what state would that be – Utah maybe?, who was beating up on Washington State. At least that game was somewhat close.

But the Seahawks won! Go figure. They have a two-game winning streak now, but I refuse to be thankful, because I’m pretty sure they’ll just let me down again soon.

Ok, I’m rested up from my big meal now, where’s the See’s Candy? Triglycerides be hanged. Happy Thanksgiving y’all!

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