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Monday, November 21, 2011

Dream With Me A Little

Do you analyze your dreams? I have a doozy every once in a while and sure wonder what the heck it’s all about.

If I had a dream about the National Basketball Association I think I’d be able to figure that one out. I’d have to admit I didn’t care if those guys ever stepped foot in an arena again. What a bunch of prima donnas. Half the world is starving to death and they think they aren’t being paid enough money with their multi-million-dollar contracts - they think they should get a higher percentage of the gate too. Here’s a win-win idea: how about they donate that higher percentage of the gate to charity? The whole thing. Yeah, I know, in my dreams. Sadly, baseball, football, hockey and soccer athletes suffer the same over-valued sense of worth.

I did dream briefly the other night that I had produced a big hit movie. Maybe not as big as The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1, which just grossed $283.5 million worldwide, but big. I’ve never dreamed (NOT dreamt!) that I’ve invented a game like Call of Duty: Black Ops that has grossed $13.7 million so far this month. WOW. I guess young boys don’t play cowboys anymore, huh? Man, I used to hate it when my neighbor would refuse to die after I shot him. He would say, "I shot you first." Of course he was wrong. I was the sheriff and I shot him first. My sister wouldn’t die when I shot her either.

For a time, when I was younger, I used to dream I was flying. I don’t mean I was in an airplane going somewhere, no, I was out there flapping my arms like a bird in the breeze soaring over rooftops and feeling so euphoric you would have thought I was on drugs (I wasn’t). I read a thing on dream analysis that said flying like that could indicate I was enjoying an immense sense of well-being. I think maybe I was; haven’t had that kind of dream lately though darn it.

Other dreams of mine have featured me as a hero of some sort, usually exposing myself to great danger to put down some really evil bad guys. I guess we all want to be heroes at sometime in our lives.

Lately, I’ve dreamed (NOT dreamt!) dreams that include Sam. The other night I dreamed the two of us were caught up in a flood and I was trying to rescue Sam. He was barking desperately for me to come save him. Then Kathleen nudged me and said Sam actually was barking and needed to go out to pee. My dream ended real quickly outside in the pouring and icy rain.

Last night I dreamed (NOT dreamt!) that Sam and I were visiting a young couple in an old ginger-bready Victorian house with a really decrepit front porch and Sam was out in the yard barking to come inside. Fortunately, Kathleen did not nudge me in the backside to inform me that Sam had to go pee this time. In fact, he slept until almost seven o’clock.

I’m really thankful for Sam and Kathleen and I’m thinking I’ll have more dreams of thankfulness with the holiday’s coming up. I’d be really thankful I think if we all boycotted sports events until athletes realized we’d had enough of their greed.

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