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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

M. Jackson Was NO Victim!

So, Michael Jackson is outa’ here and his doctor is shackled and in prison. Injustice is served again.

Sam and I hope all you pity birds are happy. Apparently you forgot during the doctor’s trial that Jackson was one totally messed up individual. He was a classic example of how fame corrupts and absolute fame corrupts absolutely. Apparently you all felt sorry for Jackson when the state of California tried to prosecute him for child molestation 2003 -2005, so you needed revenge to clear your minds of any possibility that Jackson might actually have been guilty as charged. The tragic result of your hero worship has resulted in Dr. Murray becoming another Jackson victim.

I guess Jackson can take his rightful place in the pop music dead guys hall of fame now alongside Jim Morrison, Elvis, Kurt Cobain and others of their ilk, and all you ipod-obsessives can try to keep him alive whether he is or not .

Make no mistake about it, Michael Jackson killed himself and Dr. Conrad Murray is the victim. Whether Dr. Murray screwed up – which he apparently did – or whether Jackson actually died by his own hand as alleged, really doesn’t matter. You got yourselves a bad guy and you didn’t even have to pay for DNA testing.

Sam and I feel sorry for Dr. Murray. He never had a chance against all of Jackson’s family – especially his manipulative father who created the monster that devoured his son. We can’t help wondering if one of Jackson’s sisters would have had a brassiere accident in court if the verdict against Dr. Murray hadn’t come back "guilty." Why did the district attorney even prosecute this case? This was a tragedy, not a homicide – negligent or otherwise. You could see from day one that poor Dr. Murray was going down. He should turn around and sue his defense attorney for malpractice.

Although Michael Jackson gave us a lot of good music over the years he was not a saint and Dr. Murray should not have been crucified and martyred to make him one. Jackson might or might not have been a pedophile – his sister La Toya said he was then recanted - and he quite possibly was victimized by young boys who alleged he acted inappropriately with them so their families could rake in pots of money. And no doubt Jackson had to put up with way more of the degradation that comes with fame than most people because he was out there in front of audiences for so long. Unfortunately, degradation - and too often death -is the high price you pay for his kind of fame.

But again, if Jackson was not a pedophile he was at least a “regressed 10 year old,” as one reporter said. And look at how he tried to run away from his personal demons – to his Never Land ranch and through plastic surgeries which gave him long hair like a woman, and white skin and a cleft chin. The boy/man was sick!

Jackson turned to valium and xanax to decrease his anxiety and panic. Facing the possibility of a comeback that might not happen, he did as many other famous people have done before him – acquiesced to death rather than continue to fight. It is so sad that he cajoled a doctor into helping him ruin his life and in the end took the doctor down with him. I don’t see how anyone listening to the recordings of Jackson played at Dr. Murray’s trial could convict the doctor of manslaughter; then to haul him off immediately in handcuffs because he presented a threat to society!? Oh dog doodoo.

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