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Friday, September 9, 2011

Make room for coffee & donuts

Recently, in the comic strip Non Sequitur, a gnarly old character named Eddie burped loudly in the café that he frequents. The waitress ruled she would serve him no more coffee. Danae, the young little female heroine of the strip, who also seems to hang out the café a lot, asked Eddie why coffee made people burp. Eddie replied, “To make room fah more donuts.”

Right on Eddie my man! The man ABIDES. Danae, who is constantly dreaming up ways to give her long-suffering father another severe case of heartburn, then declares that a new commandment of the Church of Danae will be, “Thou shalt make room for donuts,” and burps loudly in her father’s ear for emphasis. Now there’s a commandment Sam and I can live with.

Sam and I have commissioned creation of a nice white ceramic coffee cup with our likenesses and the name of our blog on it in hopes you will remember our blog when you are drinking coffee, burping and making room for your donuts. We are offering these coffee cups to you our readers for the mere act of supporting our blog by subscribing to it and making a small donation (suggested $5) to help pay postage and handling. But as the ads on TV always say, you better act NOW because we have a limited supply of these cups and they will go quickly.

I don’t know if I ever told you the story about the time me and a couple other CHP buddies were standing outside our favorite donut shop having our early morning libations and treats when all H broke loose. Sirens started going off all around us, sheriff’s deputies went screaming by Code 3 in their squad cars and we were diving into our cars frantically radioing our dispatcher to see if we could find out what was going on. Talk about your flatfoots being caught flatfooted! Turns out there had been a pretty serious pileup on the freeway, which we could have seen from the donut shop had we been paying more attention. A car was burning and sending smoke billowing into the air. Traffic had become totally snarled and was crawling to a halt. It was highway Armageddon.

Talk about your Chinese fire drill (hmmm, I suppose that’s racial isn’t it?). Anyway, you get my drift. I and my brother officers, whose beats just happened to overlap the particular section of the freeway where the mayhem was occurring, managed somehow to arrive at the crash scene, extinguish the car fire and straighten out the traffic. Afterward, we all vowed to keep our ears and eyes better tuned to what was going on around us. After all, people were constantly marveling at how we could pick one radio call that involved us out of the hundreds of calls sent out by our dispatchers every day.

FYI. Pretty soon, my new book, The Red Jacket, about a Christmas present from his grandmother that gives 16-year old Francis Forsyth the courage and strength to fight off his angry stepfather and the raging waters of Oregon’s flooding MacKenzie River will be available on and Kindle – hopefully within the next week or so. Stay tuned. Sam and I thank you for reading our bloog. (Bloog?) Burp!

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