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Monday, September 19, 2011

Cage fighting is not for kids

Sick. Sick. Sick. SICK!!

That’s the only way Sam and I know of to describe how we feel about little kids being encouraged to participate in cage fighting. and Inside Edition

The parents who push their kids- as young as 4 years old - to participate in this brutal sport ought to be arrested for child abuse just as surely as football player Michael Vick was arrested for hosting dog fighting and just as surely as other people are arrested for promoting cock fighting.

Little kid cage fighting is even worse than little kid beauty pageants. At least in the beauty pageants the little girls are only encouraged to wear padded bras and makeup, and shake their booties like latter day street walkers.

But in cage fighting, kids face the real possibility of actually being physically hurt. Never mind the damage that losing an extreme cage fight does to a little kid’s fragile ego, possibly branding him or her (in their own minds) for life as a loser.

And yes, this kiddie cage fighting includes girls as well as boys. The matches generally are girl-girl or boy-boy, but sometimes they are even girl-boy. My God! What kind of Roman-era decadence and debauchery have we fallen into? Is it really any wonder that certain other cultures, especially those fostered by Islam, consider us to be the pigs of the universe?

Sam and I generally are against all the stupid laws that are passed every year by well-meaning do-gooders intent on saving us from ourselves. My reply to those people usually is: “Leave us the heck alone.” But sometimes, as in this particular instance, I can’t help but agree, “There oughta be a law.” Little kids should not be involved in cage fighting. It might be okay when they turn 16, but not at 4 or 6 or 8, NO!

The REALLY sick thing about this is that nearly 400,000 people have viewed the little kids’ cage fighting video on You Tube. Even sicker is the fact that 416 people said whether they liked or disliked the video, with 259 or 62% of respondents saying they LIKED it!

We Americans generally congratulate ourselves on being a classy society. Apparently though, too many of us have misconstrued classy to mean low class. A large number of us seem unable to resist wallowing in our own psychological excrement.

How can we claim the right to tell other countries how to treat people when we continue to prove ourselves to be some of the lowliest scum on earth and throw our little children into a cage to kick, hit, bite and gouge each other? It should not be surprising that we do this, however, when we look around at all the screaming, cursing, rabid parents at children’s soccer, baseball and football games, and other sporting events.

Sam and I are saddened that some parents are so desperate to achieve their 15 minutes of fame and live vicariously through their children, that they sacrifice their children on the altar of their (supposedly) adult egomaniacal needs and scar their kids for life.

DISGUSTING! Three bags of poop on kiddie cage fighting.

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