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Friday, July 8, 2011

No woman is a better man for the job of U.S. President

Sam and I have a newsflash for anyone who thinks a woman president can do a better job running our country than a man.

Ain’t necessarily so. Notice that we didn’t say a woman couldn’t do as good a job or that a woman should not be president. We said a woman is not likely to do a better job than a man, just because she is a woman.

“I think that it is sometimes hard to support women JUST BECAUSE they are women,” agrees a female voter responding to a blog post titled Women’s History Open Thread: Infamous Woman, authored by Gloria Feldt.

You can argue all day that women are more nurturing and more compassionate than men but our country does not need a mom. A woman president might NOT turn out to be the benevolent loving June Cleaver/Saint Mary/Mother Theresa, that so many people desire. A woman is just as likely to lie, cheat, steal and kill as a man. History is replete with their sordid stories.

Don’t let the good looks of a Sarah Palin or a Michele Bachmann fool you. Underneath the good looks are hearts that beat the same as men’s, only with certain hormonal differences. When a June Cleaver/Saint Mary/Mother Theresa clone does run for president, maybe we should vote for her, but until then, NOPE.

Historically, female leaders have been just as inept and corrupt and no more brilliant than men. Elizabeth I, Queen of England from 1553 to 1603, turned her court into a great center of learning, but also engaged in long and brutal wars, suppressed uprisings in Ireland and ordered the execution of her rival, Mary Stuart. Indira Ghandi, prime minister of India from 1966 to 1977 and again from 1980 to 1984 proved herself a ruthless and autocratic leader whose methods of governing were often at variance with her democratic principles. In 1975 she declared a state of emergency and ruled as a dictator. Sirimavo R.D. Bandaranaike of Sri Lanka, the world’s first prime minister, carried out many reforms in her country but her socialist policies also caused economic stagnation. Isabel Peron, third wife of Juan Peron, and the world’s first woman president couldn’t save her country. Many people in Great Britain think Margaret Thatcher wasn’t quite great enough.

The problem is, we’re really looking for a savior. Look how many people voted for President Obama thinking he was Harry Potter and Houdini all rolled into one and now those same people are turning against him because he hasn’t performed mass miracles in just two short years.

Pretty good – we did not say pretty – female political candidates of the past include Jeanette Rankin, who served Montana in Congress until her peacenik stand against war alienated most of her constituents and would-be presidential supporters; Senator Margaret Chase Smith, the first U.S. woman to have her name placed in nomination for President, and Geraldine Ferraro, vice-presidential candidate with Walter Mondale.

Some people insist that a woman president will have to be tougher, more conniving, and have more balls than a man to succeed.

Sam and I are betting a bag of poop that’s not what this country really needs.

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