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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Please people pick up pooch's poop

Interesting article in the Sunday issue of the Wall Street Journal. The pooper-scooper business is picking up. It seems pooperpreneurs are cashing in on the reluctance of dog owners to clean up after their Fidos.

People who don’t scoop the poop are intestinal vermin and one of my pet peeves. They give me a bad case of heart worms. If they don’t want to pick up poop in their own yards, that’s one thing, but they could at least pick up after their mutts in public places.

 I understand the reluctance to glove up with a plastic baggy and clean up after Brutus or Fifi - before I brought Sam home I swore I wouldn’t have a dog because I wouldn’t want to pick up his poo. But here I am, taking Sam on walks and wiping up behind him.

Probably nothing in this world smells as bad as dog crap, especially when you get it on your shoes. Hardly anything is as repulsive as putting your hand on a warm, steaming, gushy pile of poop and picking it up. And boy can big dogs like German Shepherds or Labrador Retrievers deposit some humungous piles! Just shoveling their crap out of my yard makes me want to stick a shovel up somebody’s place where the sun don’t shine.

But I shouldn’t have to shovel some other dog’s excrement off my grass so me or my wife don't run over it with the lawn mower. If you’re going to have a dog, get your lazy butt out of bed in the morning and take it out to poop, don’t let it roam around unattended to poop on your neighbor’s lawn while you enjoy your coffee.

I don’t understand such rudeness. Some places it’s against the law to leave your dog’s droppings behind. Unfortunately, there aren’t many poop cops on patrol. I take Sam to this nice park near where we live and there are large signs posted about picking up your dog’s poop, with free poop bag dispensers at strategic locations around the park. But do you think that park is free of poop? Not on your chew bone baby! And the place is teeming with other walkers, soccer players, Fort Lewis army wives playing with their toddlers till daddy comes home from Iraq or Afghanistan. I wouldn’t wish the death penalty on anybody who doesn’t pick up their dog’s poop, but maybe six weeks in an 8x8 kennel without pickup service?

It seems ridiculous to pay good money to hire a service to clean up after your pooch although the WSJ reports there are an estimated 500 small independent businesses doing just that in this country. The WSJ also reports that there are at least three national companies offering franchises for would-be-pooperpreneurs and the potential market could add up to as much as $2.6 billion annually. Woof!
Still, that doesn’t solve the problem of pooping in public places. Sam and I say three bags of poop on not picking up after your caninus poopamoungus.

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