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Friday, April 8, 2011

Trump this coupon idea

Sam and I just saw a poll on Facebook asking if we would vote for Donald Trump for president.
We do not need that fake blonde comb-over snake-oil salesman at the helm of our nation. Besides, he’d probably nominate Kirstie Alley to be his running mate, at which time we should all dance our way to some other country. Who’s behind that poll anyway? Trump probably.
Here’s a better job for Trump – hosting the new TV show Extreme Couponing on TLC.  Quoting Wikipedia, “TLC (acronym for The Learning Channel) is an American Cable TV network which carries a variety of reality-based and some informational programming.”  The lineup on TLC includes such shows as Let’s Talk About Sex, a cupcake trivia contest on DC Cupcakes, My Strange Addiction, Sister Wives, The Unpoppables about balloon art, and other socially redeeming and uplifting programming.
As I relate all this to Sam he looks at me as if to ask, “Has the world gone stark raving mad?”
People on Extreme Couponing talk about how they save hundreds, nay thousands of dollars per year by clipping coupon s or printing them off the internet. One woman reportedly revealed that she had saved a bundle on mustard by buying virtually every bottle in stock at her local supermarket. Her husband protested that they didn’t need so much mustard. I bet he wasn’t allowed to redeem his coupon for Saturday sex.
When I worked in a grocery store as a teenager I never could get over seeing people buy, say six cans of corn for a dollar, when they really didn’t need six cans of corn. Nowadays, people will drive all the way across town, even 25 miles or more, to a gas station, to save money on gas. Saving five cents a gallon amounts to a whole whopping dollar if your vehicle has a 20-gallon tank. I guess an optimist might dream of turning that dollar into a thousand bucks at Trump’s casino.
A few people who have tried coupon shopping as recommended on TLC aren’t necessarily sold on the concept. One lady reported that some stores where she lived would not accept coupons printed off the Internet. Another lady complained that some Internet coupons contained malware with pop ups that she couldn’t get rid of.  Still another coupon shopper reported that some stores wouldn’t accept more than one coupon per item.  
Okay, so coupon redemption may not be all it’s cracked up to be (quacked up?). But The Donald might be able to fix that, and if he were president, he could possibly redeem enough coupons to help us replace some of those multi-million-dollar missiles we keep shooting off at Iraqis, Afghanis and Libyans. To any general who failed to redeem sufficient coupons to buy one missile and get one free, he could just say, “You’re fired!” 
Works for me and Sam.

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