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Monday, January 6, 2014

Resolved Not to Make New Resolutions We Won't Keep

We’re baaaackk! Sam and I were on hiatus during the holidays, but here we are again. Hope all you loyal readers didn’t leap to someone else’s blog while we were gone.

I don’t know about Sam but I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions anymore. I never keep them so why bother? I did make a resolution this past spring to lose weight and get back into some kind of shape (besides pear blobbo). So, I joined a gym and my plan seems to be working, albeit a little slower than I’d like.

Three days a week I drive to Thrive. You like that? Thrive is the name of the gym I go to. Don’t ask me why it’s named that, I don’t know. But three days a week I go there, even after walking Sam for a mile. I’m dedicated. I even think the owners of the gym should make a TV commercial featuring me on the elliptical or stationary bike or some other piece of equipment, and as the camera pans up close to me I could smile big and cheesy and say, “I’m thriving! I’m thriving!” Huh?

I got off to kind of a rough start at Thrive though. I went in there and told this young lady behind the reception counter that I wanted a six pack. She started laughing. A guy behind the counter laughed too and said, “We don’t allow drinking here.” My wife later told me I should have said I wanted a kegger. Smart aleck woman!

Anyway, I lost 25 pounds this past summer and started looking and feeling pretty good. I attended my 50-year high school reunion and sneered at my old fat buddies, ‘cause I still got it and they don’t. And I’ve managed to keep about 23 pounds of the weight I lost off. I gained a couple back during the recent holidays, so it’s back to the old diet plan and the treadmill. But no worries.

Still, I try not to make resolutions anymore because, I don’t know about you, but I seem to have this perverse reaction to resolutions - as in cheating on them in every way possible and totally destroying my resolve, thus seriously damaging my fragile male ego. That just doesn’t work for me, so no more New Year’s resolutions.

Besides, I have to drive past a cemetery near my house on my way to Thrive and I can’t help but thinking, “Won’t be long now buddy- especially if you don’t quit stuffing your face.”

Since I’m already thriving, I’ll skip resolutions and enjoy this life while I’ve still got the time. Why walk, around all pent up and bent over with angst and guilt because I broke my New Year’s resolutions? That just doesn’t make sense

Just so you know, Sam and I have decided not to poop on stuff so much this year. In a more positive vein, Sam’s giving three wags of the ol’ Shih Tzu tail to this blog. Thanks for coming back!

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