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Monday, October 14, 2013

Diabetes Can't Be Helped By Swapping Our Leftover Food

Sam and I appreciate Tom Hanks coming out of the closet and admitting on the Letterman Show that he’s a Type 2 diabetic - makes it easier for the rest of us to admit. Life might be like a box of chocolates eh Tom, but eat too many of them - as I have found out - and you’ll soon be shooting up insulin.

Sam isn’t a diabetic of course, although dogs can be. Given Sam’s taste for sweets and things that aren’t good for him, however, I’m a little concerned that one of these days I’ll open up the door and find a box of half-eaten pizza or macaroon cookies on the front step. To prevent such an occurrence, I’m hoping to keep Sam from finding out that there’s a new app on the market that allows you to barter or give away your leftover food. There’s a concept that Sam probably would love because he doesn’t like regular dog food.

The app is called Leftover Swap and was first reported by NPR. I read about it in an article by Timothy Weinberg on the internet version of NBC’s Bay Area News. Boy! That really takes the . . . Shoot! I almost said cake. With my luck, if I downloaded that app, somebody would want to trade me a bunch of Brussels sprouts or a half-eaten acorn squash for one of Kathleen’s luscious apple pies. It’s bad enough she makes me eat broccoli all the time instead. Wonder what I could get for some of that?

Speaking of apples, I’m not sure I understand why God gave us so much good stuff to eat if it’s bad for us and going to cause us so much trouble. I mean, he’s God, so he can do what he wants, but holy cow look what happened when Adam and Eve got the munchies! Looking back, I bet those two Eden dwellers wish they could have swapped that apple for a carrot or something.

I try to be circumspect about the way my life is (whatever circumspect means). I’ve almost died several times, now I’ve got Type 2 diabetes and my feet are numb, my hands are cold and I could have a heart attack at any time (fun, huh?), but God keeps my old Timex ticking no matter how bad the licking. In case you hadn’t noticed (hint, hint) in a couple of weeks I’ll turn 68. Growing up in the sixties like I did I sure never thought I’d live this long. On the other hand for some strange reason I’ve always figured I was good for 80 anyway. Wonder if I had to grow up in the eighties to reach that goal?

I wonder if UPS or FedEx will deliver the leftover food that you swap with another person. How will you get it otherwise? But what if one of those delivery people become tempted and eat your leftovers before you receive them? You know, it would be sort of like you or I eating our kid’s dinner leftovers because we don't want them to waste their food. On the other hand if the little turkeys don’t eat their green beans, maybe you can swap them (the green beans I mean!).

H-m-m, I’m writing this while sitting at Panera and I’m suddenly wondering if only one cinnamon roll is going to be enough to see me through  the morning.

Poop on being a diabetic, whether you’re a one or a two or whatever. Isn’t a see-food diet good enough?

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