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Friday, August 2, 2013

Killing Hundreds of Other Owls to Save Spotted Owls.? WTH?

Here’s something Sam and I think you should give two hoots about and protest.

King 5 news reported last night that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is planning to kill several hundred barred owls because the barred owls have moved some of the spotted owls’ habitat here in Washington and are crowding the spotted owls out.

WTH! The spotted owl was almost extinct anyway.

If you remember, the spotted owl became a protected species and almost single-handedly stopped logging hereabouts a few years ago. But if outlawing logging because we were destroying the spotted owls’ habitat was a good reason to protect them, killing the larger and more aggressive barred owl to further protect the spotted owl is not a good idea.

As Darwin or one of his survival-of-the-fittest cronies might say, let nature take its course. If spotted owls can’t stand up to the barred owls, good bye you weenie hootie-hoots.

The Wildlife Service’s plan is as goofy as threatening to kill all German Shepherd dogs because they scare little Shih-Tzus like Sam (they do). Worse yet, it’s as goofy as killing off all Democrats because they might be threatening the existence of Republicans (or vice-versa). Why not kill all men because they threaten the existence of women? How about getting rid of 18-wheel semi-trucks because they’re taking over our freeways?

Oh wait! How about reducing our prison populations by executing more criminals?

We could go on and on here, but you get the point, right? What’s wrong with natural selection? Sam and I have always thought that was one of those “green” solutions we have heard so much about.

We have seen time and time again how man’s attempt to “restore” order among various animal species usually boomerangs. Sam and I can’t cite exact sources, but certain deer herds have been “managed” by not allowing hunting in the past and all that did was allow a deer herd population to explode to the point the deer starved and started dying off without being shot.

You know what I’d really like to see killed off - some of my bills! My poor bank account is being threatened with extinction because of a blankety-blank condo I can’t get rid of and because my co-pays for recent medical and dental procedures are threatening to wipe out my social security and state retirement checks. I can barely afford to buy Sam treats anymore or get his hair cut. Maybe the two of us should climb into a tree somewhere, flap our arms and legs and make silly hooting noises.

Two bags of poop on messing with the natural order of things. Spotted owls are beautiful creatures, but all they do is sit around and puke up mouse guts anyway. They might puke pocket gophers, but pocket gophers are a protected species too.


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