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Friday, July 26, 2013

Buy One of My Books, Help A Struggling Writer Make A Buck

Yesterday I received a call from a young (sounding) fellow representing Westbow Press where I had one of my books printed. The book was The Wine Red Road, a mystery tale of which I am quite proud.

The young fellow asked me how my book sales were going. I stifled a snicker then merely said, “Not so well.” He, of course, wanted to know why not. What could I say?

I said, “I really haven’t really pursued sales too much because I prefer to write books not market them.”

The young man said he understood (he didn’t), but maybe I could use a few helpful suggestions, to which I replied, “I’ve spent several thousand dollars on marketing plans and so far they haven’t produced one (I wanted to say lousy) sale.”

The young man asked me what the marketing plans I had paid for included. I mentioned press releases. He said I couldn’t just send press releases to newspapers, TV and radio shows, it would work better if I contacted people at those venues personally. I said I sent follow-up letters and NADA. He asked me what else I was doing. I said I would be doing an author signing at the county fair next week and that I had sort of been planning a West Coast signing tour.

The young man encouraged me to keep on trying and said he would check back with me in a couple of weeks to see how I was doing. But I probably won’t answer my phone next time the guy calls. I appreciate encouragement, but I’m pretty sure Westbow - a “vanity” press for “Indie” publishers like myself, is more interested in me selling more books so they can sell me more books. I mentioned to my young caller that I’d probably publish my next book on Create Space where I only pay $2.50 or so for a hard copy as opposed to the $7+ I pay Westbow for a hard copy. I can’t afford prime rib, only hamburger.

But here’s how I feel about my writing and publishing process. I’m going to continue writing, because that’s what I want to do, whether anybody buys my books or not. And I’m going to continue Indie publishing because I have been unable to interest either agents or publishers to take me on. My latest book, Death in the Gallatin Valley, a mystery set in Montana, is about two-thirds to three-quarters done and I hope to have it out in time for the Christmas-buying season. So, buy one of my books, dang it! Besides The Wine Red Road and Death in the Gallatin Valley, I also have written The Red Jacket and Where Once Was Peace. Maybe my books aren’t bestsellers, but I’m quite proud of them and I think they are pretty good yarns.

That young guy from Westbow Press would have made me feel a lot better if he had said to me, “I’ve read your book and I liked it a lot. I think if you hang in there it’s eventually going to take off.” But he didn’t say that. Two bags of poop on him.

YOU can buy any or all of my books by going to my blog site: or by contacting me on Facebook or by emailing me directly at: Sure would like to see your check (or credit card order) for $13.95 per book. I pay the shipping and sales tax and I give discounts if you buy five or more books.

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