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Friday, June 7, 2013

You Can Raise A Family, But Not Too Well Without A Dad

Happy Father’s Day Dads! Enjoy it while you can. Wanna-be dads, you better hurry up and jump on the spermwagon ASAP. Your chances are fast slipping out the back Jacks.

According to an Associated Press story by Jocelyn Noveck and Jennifer Agiesta, printed in a Sunday edition of The Olympian, “an Associated Press-WE-TV poll of people under 50 found that more than 2 in 5 unmarried women without children - or 42 percent - would consider having a child on their own without a partner, including more than one-third or 37 percent who would consider adopting solo.”

The AP-TV poll does not surprise Sam and me. More and more women seem to be rejecting men as life partners; and why not? You can read headlines almost daily about women assaulted in our military ranks, about women pressed into sex slavery - not only by the Japanese during WWII, but even today - about women being kidnapped, raped and murdered. And what about all those marriages where the partners live together in quiet desperation and ask themselves daily, “Is that all there is?”

Here’s the deal though. Many men would welcome not having to get married to father children (many already do). Whether you ladies have totally caught on or not, us men hate all the responsibility laid on us in the name of marriage and fatherhood. If you want our sperm great, just don’t expect us to change the dirty diapers, take the kid to soccer practice or music lessons and be all domestic and smarmy - at least not all the time. We’d really prefer to be rutting bucks in the woods and free to pursue the dos of our dreams. The problem is, so many of you ladies insist on monogamy. Honey, us boys wasn’t built that way! Dig it?

And hey, if you want to raise kids by yourselves would you be willing to hold us harmless and relieve us of ever paying alimony or child support? Trouble is, even if you agreed to that our courts probably wouldn’t go along with your decision.

My personal belief is that kids need two parents - one of them being a father - living together and sweating out the finances, the doctor and dentist visits, the school meetings, ad infinitum. Kids learn more about real life from a mom and a dad together.

I grew up with a stepfather. He wasn’t perfect, but he was the father I had and I’m grateful he was part of my life. Happy Father’s Day dad! He tried to teach me things and he often encouraged me to try things I might not have otherwise. He’s gone now but I still remember the sound of his voice, his hand on my shoulder steadying me, the fact that he taught me things like how to hunt deer, how to drive a car, and perhaps most importantly, the gentlemanly way to treat a girl. I now have three grown daughters and a son (and a dog) and love them all dearly and surviving the trials of raising them has been well worth the trouble so that I can call myself a father.

Men should not be robbed of having a father’s day. That’s one of the things drastically wrong with this country nowadays. Sure, the Taliban approach to the treatment of women doesn’t work, but raising a child by your selves ladies is not a good thing. If you’re looking for a good man and don’t know how to recognize one I recommend you read The Measure of a Man by Gene Getz.

Poop on kids having to grow up without daddies. It ain’t right (Sam says “woof!”)

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