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Friday, June 28, 2013

You Are Where You Shop, So Don't Shop at Riff Raff Stores

Do you shop at Walmart? Kathleen and I don’t; not very often anyway. But Sam and I ask the question because Walmart is advertising on Face Book with an ad that says, “Look who’s shopping at Walmart.” Apparently, Walmart is trying to convince us that somebody besides Mitt Romney’s 40% bottom feeders - you know, the poor, the riff raff, the unwashed - actually shop at the big W.

I suppose this is an attempt to overcome the aversion many of us upper-crusters feel at rubbing elbows with America’s own Les Miserables. Sam and I know people who simply refuse to shop at Walmart. When these people voice objections to shopping there they say things like: it’s so crowded; it’s so noisy; the goods are so cheap and not of good quality. But basically, of course, those people are just being snobs. My personal objection to shopping at Walmart is the zombie drone people they hire to work there and the way the company treats those drones.

Trader Joe’s shoppers probably don’t shop at Walmart. Trader Joe’s shoppers seem to think that store is cozier and more organic and its clerks are more outgoing and friendly. The store does seem to carry food items that you have a hard time finding in other places. Trader Joes also has its own great wine label. I buy my wine at Trader Joe’s or at Costco. Love TJ's coastal zinfandel.

Costco seems cool to most people. That, I think is the whole deal about where you shop. Walmart just isn’t very cool.

Kathleen and I generally shop at Fred Meyer’s - partly because we earn discounts on gas there (no! not that kind of gas). The only problem with Fred Meyer’s in Olympia is all the old geezers driving around in their electric shopping carts and clogging up the aisles. Fred carries most of the doggy treats Sam likes too. We do not generally buy Kroger-labeled food at Fred’s. That stuff is cheap crap and an attempt by the Kroger Corporation - Fred’s parent company - to make more money by skimping on quality.

We shop at Top Foods too. That’s a regional corporation that offers pretty good groceries. But most of our grocery shopping is at Fred’s or Safeway. It seems like there has been a Safeway store in every town I’ve ever lived in since time began. Amazingly, Safeway seems to continually be able to roll with the changes in shopping habits in order to remain relevant and cool.

One of my favorite stores of all time - at least in my memory - was a new supermarket that opened in my neighborhood in Talmage, California, when I was nine. That place had these amazing sliding-glass doors that automatically opened when you approached them. I bought a lot of Cracker Jacks and Necco Wafers there. My dad won our first black and white TV during the store’s grand opening.

One more plug for Fred’s. They carry the best poop bags. I’ve tried buying poop bags at Walmart and at PetSmart, but Fred’s has the best poop bags. Poop on the other guys, Sam and I are sticking with Fred’s on poop bags.

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