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Monday, June 17, 2013

What Would Happen If Our Legislators Compromised?

What good are our Washington State legislators? They’re about to head into their second special session after breezing through an initial special session without accomplishing one blessed thing. The first special session is estimated to have cost us taxpayers around $100,000. Sam and I have an idea. Why doesn’t the state just spread that hundred grand among the poor and helpless and send the legislators home to their respective corners (without pay) until they can all agree to agree on something. The state’s budget is about to expire and state government is about to shut down, but do you think our politicos can compromise on a budget? Not on your life.

There aren’t enough words to describe the loathing and disgust Sam and I feel toward duly elected legislators (not only at the state level) who can’t get off the party line and compromise with each other for the good of their constituencies.

Fire them all! Sam and I truly wish it were possible to unelect, dethrone, bounce out the door, reject and kiss all legislators who won’t practice the fine art of compromise goodbye and good riddance.

Here’s a what-if scenario: what if enough legislators compromised so that something actually got done in the nation’s capitol or here in Web Foot State? What would be the harm in letting go of party prejudices long enough to accomplish something? If, say Republicans compromised with Democrats to pass legislation and a budget and it didn’t work out, so what? Next legislative session, the Dems would agree to a Republican plan for whatever and we’d see if that worked out. AT LEAST we’d be moving not stuck in stubborn gridlock.

This kind of reminds me of when I was a boy and used to play cowboys with my friends. I remember one time the neighbor boy across the street came over and we played good guys versus bad guys. I was a good guy, but when I shot the bad guy he wouldn’t lie down and die. He said to me, “I shot you first.” I attempted to correct him and said, “No, No, I shot you first.” After arguing interminably about whom shot whom first, the game ended in total dissatisfaction for all parties and the neighbor boy went home and I said good riddance and I never played with him again. Sound familiar?

Of course, as we all should know, guns are not the way to settle disputes. Heaven forbid! But how about another solution? Maybe we could pen all our legislators in a cage with hungry lions and the only way they could avoid being eaten would be to quickly come up with a way to budget some meat for the lions?

Too grisly? Ok, something a little mellower maybe. How about a sangria wine and t-shirt tie-dye party? No? Maybe they could all go geoduck clamming together and learn to cooperate digging those wily critters out of the mud. There’s got to be a way to teach our legislators to get along and compromise.

Three bags of poop on people who stubbornly refuse to compromise for the good of our state and nation.

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