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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Cold, Wet and Miserable. How Do I Love Thee Stinking Rain?

Aw crap! It’s raining again. We had two weeks of unseasonably warm sunny weather last month and now we’re paying for it with day after day after day of gray, wet drizzle. If I didn’t love the Pacific Northwest so much, I’d hate the Pacific Northwest. But it’s better than any place else I’ve ever lived.

Actually, I don’t mind the rain so much - never used to anyway - until I got Sam. It’s really annoying to take him outside for his daily walk when it’s raining every day. We try to time his walks for those periods when the rain lets up a little bit, but quite often, the rain lets up, we head to the park, the rain comes back. And boy does Sam get wet and grungy when it’s been raining outside. He soaks up water like a sponge and if I don’t watch him he’ll roll in the mud. I’ve had to give Sam a bath or put him in the washtub almost every day lately, something neither one of us appreciates very much.

I’ve been trying to ride my bike again lately too and the rain isn’t good for that either. The bike’s been sitting in the garage forlorn and unused for several months but recently Kathleen and I took Sam for a walk at this park in Tacoma and during the downhill (downhill mind you!) part of the walk my legs turned to jelly and started shaking like I was old and decrepit or something. OMG.

Well, when I arrived back home I pumped up my bicycle tires and started riding my bike. But guess what. I must be old and decrepit. I’ve been riding almost every day this week and my legs are so tired after a measly couple of jaunts around the neighborhood I can barely stagger back to the living room couch. I’m hoping bike riding rejuvenates my legs before it kills me.

I’d like to take Sam bike riding with me. It would be good for him to actually have to run alongside my bike, but he’s too little. I installed a basket on the front handlebars and I put him in the basket sometimes, but he weighs almost 17 pounds and his weight kind of affects my steering. I’ve fallen off that bike enough that I really don’t want to do it again - especially with Sam on it.

Falling off my bike reminds me of the time I was riding through my old neighborhood in California with my daughter seated behind me. I don’t remember how old she was - 3 or 4 maybe - but she was strong. Anyway, we’re riding blissfully along when, Wham! We go down. Suddenly, I’m lying on the road all skinned up looking back at my daughter to make sure she is all right. I said to no one in particular, “What the h- - -just happened?” It took a few minutes but I finally figured out that my daughter had tried (for some reason) to grab hold of a telephone pole as we rode past it. She wasn’t hurt thank God, but daddy had to explain to her very patiently why it was not a good idea to grab a telephone pole while riding a bicycle past it.

Anyway, poop on so much rain if you haven’t already gotten my drift. I love that’s it’s so green here, but come on Big Guy in the Sky! Could you give it a rest already!

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