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Monday, November 26, 2012

News, Greed Sour Xmas Spirit

Sam and I noticed several interesting items in the Sunday newspaper: Texans want to secede from the Union; murder victims are being dumped among Hurricane Sandy’s left-over debris; a 71-year old dentist is still pulling teeth in order to pay off his student loan; there is a long list of local people who need help for the holidays.

Going from the least important item to the most important, let Texas secede - who cares? Do we still need the state that gave us two Bush presidents who screwed our economy up so thoroughly we may never recover? If we do let the state secede let’s at least insist they take all our debt with them - especially all the debt from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

As far as murder victims being dumped among the debris left by Hurricane Sandy - you gotta’ put ‘em somewhere! Sam and I visualize dumping victims as a potential growth industry for the state of Washington. With all the woodsy areas we have up here, we could handle some serious stashing. Of course, we do find our share of victims in the woods already. And in the Seattle area they’re offing people so regularly they just leave them lying in the street - or car - or restaurant - wherever. I think we’d have to license out-of-state bad guys if they wanted to dump up here. You gotta’ keep them separate from the locals for identification purposes (or something). Hey! Since we approved possession of marijuana, there probably will be more cultivation of the stuff out in the open. Murder victims stashed in a Mary Jane field might not mind being bopped. Just saying.

The 71-year old dentist who’s still trying to pay off his student loan is a victim of his own laziness and stupidity. He failed to pay and failed to heed collection efforts, what did he expect? Reportedly, he owes around $500,000. Dentist colleges ain’t cheap, but neither is going to the dentist. What the heck did the guy do with all the money he made over the years?

Now, to the people who need help for the holidays. May of them are single parents trying to care for large families and well deserving of help. The Olympian printed a long list of them. When I was 10 years old and my father was out of work and I was recovering from a long stay in the hospital the only reason our family had a Christmas that year was thanks to the generosity of some kind neighbors and church members.

I recently took a part time job at a large retail store thinking I would make some extra money for Christmas. But after a few days I quit. During a Veteran’s Day sale and on Black Friday so many people swamped the store looking for bargains I found myself becoming angry at having to work so hard to satisfy their greed and to help the retailer achieve record sales. Customers bought so much crap it was difficult for me to believe that our economy is suffering as badly as reported. I even read an account of some guys camping out in front of a store for two days so they could be first in line to buy several - not one, but several - big-screen TVs and laptop computers. In the meantime, I had to leave Sam alone at home and I didn’t like that one bit. If so many people can blow so much money on so much crap, why are so many other people hurting at Christmas time?

I also was extremely distressed that so many stores in America chose to make their employees work on Thanksgiving afternoon or Thanksgiving night just to make more sales. Hardly anything disgusts me more than greed. If something should be dumped among the hurricane debris it would be greed. Three bags of poop on greed, times two. I need to find my ho-ho spirit again. 

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