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Monday, August 6, 2012

Rich or Famous? Pick One

Woo-hoo! I sold 8 books at the Thurston County Fair this week - 7 copies of The Wine Red Road and one copy of The Red Jacket. At a net profit of about $4 per book or a little less than $2 per hour I’m not soon going to be rich and/or famous.

If you had to choose would you rather be rich or famous? Sam and I decided to ponder this earth-shaking question to see if we could help you come up with an answer.

Sam and I don’t think we particularly want to be famous. We’re really only hoping to be widely recognized on the internet as a couple of dudes who write a pretty good blog and I want to be recognized as someone who writes a pretty good fiction yarn. We’re looking to achieve “must read” status but we’d still like to be able to walk down the street or have a cup of coffee at our favorite coffee house without being mobbed by autograph seekers (not too many at one time anyway). We also don’t want to become so famous we’re kidnapped in some foreign country and held for ransom. I can’t image running from place to place in some steamy jungle to avoid the law so some Third-World low- life could get rich. And I sure don’t want Sam and I to become so famous that some bozo here in the states feels the urge to murder us with his Glock or his AK-47 because he wants to become famous or he’s still mad at his mommy for not breast feeding him or something.

Being able to get prime seats in a nice restaurant or tickets to a concert because of our fame would be okay. But really, Sam and I just want to keep a somewhat low profile.

Getting rich might be okay. Of course, no matter how much money we had it probably wouldn’t be enough. Besides, what the heck would we buy? We have everything we need. On the other hand, getting rich is not about buying what we need.

Sam and I’d like to think, like a lot of you probably would, that we’d donate a huge chunk of money to charity and our church if we were rich; then, and only then, would we go out and buy an expensive exotic sports car (red probably). I’d like to travel but the problem with that is I can’t take Sam everywhere with me. The current Olympic Games make me nostalgic to return to England and Europe. I had a great time when I was there before. If I traveled to Europe as a rich person though, I might not want to return home until I’d seen most of the countries there. But Sam couldn’t go.

I think I’d get one of those big, expensive motor homes to travel across the U.S. too. That’s something I’ve always wanted to do. I’d drive all the way across the country and return home by driving all the way back across Canada. Cool huh? I really don’t want to travel to Mexico - too dangerous. With a motor home Sam could travel with me in style. We’d be like John Steinbeck and his dog in Travels with Charlie. We’d stop lots of places and I’d write wonderful blogs about where we’d visited and the people we met. Sounds great idea doesn’t it? Too bad it’s been done before. But maybe I’d pick up some cool book ideas.

Oh well. If Sam and I had a lot of money we could just sit home and count it. BORING! We’d probably do something for homeless pets. That sounds pretty good.

Well, ta-ta to you all. May your get-rich-and-famous dreams come true (if you really want them to). Just remember the saying about being careful what you ask for ‘cause you might actually get it. Two bags of poop on that!

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