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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Cops Doing A Bang-Up Job

If you want to know why guys don’t like to dance, check out the July 10 story by Steve Pardo, Tony Briscoe and Francis X. Donnelly in the Detroit News, Metro and State section, about a Sunday incident in which a policeman’s gun accidentally fired killing a 24-year old woman who allegedly was dancing with him. That could be one reason.

The policeman reportedly was off duty and holding a party in his back yard. The woman reportedly was dancing on her knees behind him and “embraced” him and caused his weapon to discharge. Detroit Police Chief Ralph Godbee said a preliminary investigation found the shooting to be a freak accident. The chief said “there was some manipulation along the officer’s waistline that he did not control,” when the gun fired. “There was no indication the officer placed his hand on his weapon at all," the chief said.

Manipulation’s what you call it now, huh? Well, apparently somebody’s hand manipulated something. This story smells like dirty dancing gone way wrong. A firearms safety trainer commenting on line about the story said that efforts to label this incident a freak accident are misguided and Sam and I totally agree. Internal affairs is supposed to be looking into this little shenanigan. It will be interesting to read the spin doctoring of the story that we’ll see the next few weeks.

In other news, Angela Daidone of New Jersey reports that a Georgia woman was awarded $3 million by a jury because her police officer husband died of a heart attack when he worked too strenuously to get his gun off (that other gun) while he was having a three-way sexual encounter in an airport motel with another man and a woman who was not his wife. The jury found that the husband's doctor did not properly diagnose and treat the dead copper for his unhealthy physical condition previous to his demise, and his weapon backfired on him - so to speak. Can you imagine the headline? Cop Dies Because of Faulty Gun. 
The doctor is expected to fire the last salvo and appeal the judgment.

Finally, an Associated Press article in New York’s Daily News, posted in June tells the story of a New Haven Connecticut bus driver who sued a Connecticut hospital, saying staff at an affiliated facility failed to promptly and properly treat his painful erection and watched a baseball game on television while he waited. Apparently, he had recurrent priapism, a persistent painful erection unrelated to sexual stimulation. Either that or he had a totally bad case of poor timing when he ignored the warning label on his erection enhancement drugs. A possible headline for him could be: Guy with Wooden Pistol Can’t Reach First Base at Hospital. 
Well, shoot Sam and I tried to lighten your day. We tried not to fire prematurely, go off half-cocked and lay a dud.. A bag of poop on you if you have no sense of humor.

We love ya’ man. 

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