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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Lack of Love Looks Like Hell

Oh my gosh! My heart hurts!

No, I’m not talking about a physical issue here. I’m talking about an emotional issue. Sam and I just returned from our walk in the park and I feel like I’m going to have a headache and might need to lie down. But maybe talking about our experience at the park will help.

We came across these two young women during our walk. One was probably in her early 20s the other was a girl of possibly 10 to 12. It’s kind of hard for me to guess ages these days, but that’s what I’m guessing. The two women were approaching Sam and me from the opposite direction when the young one began to veer toward us. I assumed she wanted to pet Sam like most of the kids in the park - he loves it too. The girl came up to me and rather than pet Sam she kind of clutched at the part of his leash I was holding in my hand. At least that was what I thought she was doing. I thought she wanted to walk him. But then she grabbed both my hands and appeared to want me to walk with her.

The young girl was somewhat incoherent, mumbling a gibberish I couldn’t understand. She was clearly physically and mentally handicapped. The woman in her 20s, who identified herself as the younger one’s caretaker, told me the young girl wanted me to walk with her.

“I don’t know why,” the caretaker said, “but she’s always seems attracted to men when she sees them. “

“Do you think she misses her father or something?” I asked. The caretaker didn’t know.

Now, here’s the hard part of our encounter. The young girl did not want to let go of my hands. I basically had to pry her loose. As she and her caretaker finally continued their walk and Sam and I went on our way, this incredible sadness crept over me. I nearly started bawling. I felt so bad for that young girl, wondering if she had ever known her father and if she was forever doomed to long for a daddy’s loving embrace. How many kids out there are in a similar situation do you suppose?

I know I can’t save the world, don’t even want to. I’ve got my hands pretty full with Sam. But I don’t mind giving out hugs when the occasion warrants it. I wish I could hand them out like candy, but unfortunately, you have to be really careful whom you hug these days. That’s a shame, but I don’t intend to wind up in jail because some young person misconstrued one of my hugs. I saw that happen to a guy I knew years ago and the ensuing fallout just about destroyed him.

I divorced my first wife a long time ago and left two young daughters behind. They have subsequently forgiven me and we have become good friends, but I have to tell you incidents like the one in the park today remind me how easy it is to hurt someone you love; that makes me feel guilty like you can’t believe. Every time I think of a young person being emotionally crippled by the lack of a father’s love and approval, I’m pretty sure I know what hell is like.

Three bags of poop on a world where kids can’t experience a father’s love.

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