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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spare Us Sob Stories Sisters

A letter to the editor printed in USA Today (March 20) urges the United States to become involved in the conflict in Syria.

Dear God! NO! NO! NO! Or as Sam would say, “Woof, Woof, Woof!”

When will the do-gooders in this country ever learn? The lady who wrote the letter said that U.S. intervention in the conflict “could be focused on prevention (of bloodshed). Who knows what could or could not happen?” she asked.

But we do know. We have only to look at our interventions in Somalia, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and various and sundry other world hotspots to be reminded of our miserable failures when we attempt to prevent bloodshed and prove how humanitarian we are. We talk ourselves into taking military action in other countries because we convince ourselves that there is an “increasing bloodbath” going on in those countries - especially against women and little children. We constantly are urged to prove once again that we are the good guys and other countries ought to follow our example of peaceful political change.

As Colonel Potter in M.A.S.H once said, “Horse hockey!”

We need to learn to stay the heck out of another country’s business. It is becoming increasingly clear that our recent interference in Egypt and Libya and Iraq is going to reap huge negative results in our relationships with those three countries and come back to bite us in the butt; if we think our relationship with Iran is bad, we ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Now, we also have do-gooders urging us to become involved in Uganda. Some outfit called The Lord’s Resistance Army or LRA and led by a guy named Joseph Kony, is kidnapping children to help the LRA fight the Ugandan government. The LRA has been fighting the government for about 18 years, claiming that the LRA represents a group of people living in the north of Uganda who want to live by strict Christian rules.

The LRA reportedly is an extremely violent rebel militant organization known for extreme brutal acts on innocent civilians including women and young children and even its own fellow supporters. Kony and the LRA are said to have kidnapped, organized, and forced more than 66,000 young children to fight for him and his rebel army. In addition, the LRA has forced the displacement of over two million people and villages since the group began back in early 1986.
Sam and I do not necessarily believe that the United States should always remain pacifist, but in most cases, it should. We certainly have no problem protecting our country’s own turf. When someone attacks us (the Japanese, al-Qaeda), we should attack back with ferocity and force WITH THE CLEAR INTENT TO WIN. We must be willing to lay waste to any country that attacks us; trouble is, the do-gooders have no stomach for laying waste.

But to enter another country with military force just because people in that country are being killed in what amounts to their own civil war doesn’t make sense. Sorry, but those aren’t our fights. We are NOT the world’s police force and we’ve got to quit fooling ourselves into thinking so.

Three bags of poop on going into countries where we aren’t wanted or needed.

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