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Friday, March 9, 2012

Oh B.S. (uh,Be Sensible?)

Sam and I really dislike B.S.

We dislike Rush Limbaugh’s B.S. when he says he didn’t mean to call the woman who testified before Congress about contraceptives a slut. We dislike Rick Santorum’s B.S. when he says we misunderstood his comments about President Obama’s theology and about John F. Kennedy’s take on religion and politics. We dislike the B.S. of car insurance advertisements that continually promise we can save hundreds of dollars if we only dump our current carrier and switch. We dislike the B.S. of reverse mortgage advertisements that promise to give old people money for the equity in their homes and re-establish them financially; when those old people most likely are giving everything they have to a greedy bank (shame on you for shilling, Henry Winkler) and are going to get screwed. We dislike life insurance advertisements that promise life insurance for only pennies a day no matter what your age or current health (shame on you Alex Trebek). We dislike the B.S. of Miss Seattle who says she really didn’t mean to call Seattle and its inhabitants ugly and obnoxious. (Doesn’t she know it’s the I-5 freeway that’s ugly and obnoxious?).

Lying and making false claims is B.S. Fessing up to your lies, ala Limbaugh, Rick Santorum and Miss Seattle, because you might lose your advertisers or some voters or your rhinestone crown is - you guessed it - B.S.

And here’s even more B.S. Our country’s leaders constantly try to assure Middle Eastern citizens bent on revolution that we empathize with their desire for democracy. But we either blow the smithereens out of their country or don’t do anything then insist that they embrace a free-market type democracy where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. As a result they wind up hating us as much or more than they did before their revolution.

How about some sports B.S.? This sly entrepreneur dude tried to convince the city of Seattle and Washingtonians that he could build a new arena and entice an NBA basketball team and an NHL hockey team to come here. But as soon as the sports fans in the Sacramento and Phoenix areas got wind of the hot shot entrepreneur’s plan they sold their souls and paid the ransom demanded by their sports teams. The entrepreneur also told Seattle he would make up any shortage in revenue to pay off the new arena. B.S.

Also in sports, the Seattle Seahawks have announced the signing of running back Marshawn Lynch, aka The Beast, to a new multi-million dollar, multi-year contract. His value, according to Seattle sports columnist Dave Boling, “can’t be limited yards and touchdowns. Only a few players can so thoroughly alter a team’s identity. “ B.S. Boling. Didn’t we say that about old What’s-His-Name just a few years ago and didn’t he come out the next year and totally stink?

And let’s not forget the Mariners. The baseball writers have been trying their best since spring training camp opened to put a positive spin on players who were injured or just didn’t perform as expected last year, saying this is a new year and there’s new hope for those players to come through. B.S.

Sam and I hate to be pessimists, but three bags of poop on lies and false promises. It’s all B.S.

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  1. I wanted to take a moment and just say wow! I am guessing you are a retired government worker. It is funny that those who complain the most about free-market societies are the ones who never had to worry about competing in the free-market.

    Capitalism has created more wealth and freedom for more people than any other system tried. Find me a nation with the wealth and freedoms we enjoy that does not embrace a free-market democracy.

    The fruits of socialism are beyond ripe and are stinking up the place.