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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Are You A Boob About Breasts?

Remember that old joke, “What kind of bees give milk?” The answer was boo bees, a somewhat juvenile reference to women’s breasts.

Sam and I wonder why a lot of grown men still refer to women’s breasts as boobies or knockers or casabas or whatever. Some guys even call breasts the “T” word. Aside from the fact that these names may be demeaning to women, they’re just plain childish and stupid. And why do women still have to fight for the right to breast feed their babies in public?

People in this country, as in most countries we suspect - especially men - seem to be really hung up on women’s breasts. We’re so schizophrenic about sex in the U.S. that we publish magazines like Playboy and Hustler, and others of their ilk, to totally expose women’s breasts, then we counter with Maxim or Men’s Health or hot rod or motorcycle periodicals to partially cover the women’s breasts but still sell magazines - some breast being better than the whole breast or no breast at all - just enough breast to titillate and make the cash register go cha-ching.

The king (queen?) of titillation magazines arguably is Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit edition. The new edition just hit the stores. The swimsuit issue is a blatant exploitation of women’s breasts to sell a product. But don’t think for a minute the product being sold is a swimsuit. Sam and I are willing to bet you could ask any man who peruses the swimsuit edition from cover to cover, to describe even one swimsuit he saw in the magazine and he couldn’t do it. It isn’t likely either that he will buy his significant other a knock off of one of the suits either. Furthermore, it isn’t likely that his significant other is going to read the magazine and run out and buy one of the featured swimsuits.

But you don’t see any of the women in porno magazines or in Sports Illustrated publicly plunking their breasts out of their shirts and blouses to feed their little tykes. So, the question then becomes, if it is less than sexy to spy a woman breast feeding, why do people get so hung up about it? Yes, some sexual things are better being kept private, but breast feeding is not a sexual or shouldn’t be. How did the sight of a breast used for feeding ever become sexual? It’s only sexual in the minds of people (men) who are so juvenile they still call breasts boobies or the “T” word.

Women have breasts because that’s how they are supposed to feed their young. A woman feeding her baby in public should not arouse lust in a man’s heart. Breast feeding is as natural as breathing and we should not make women feel ashamed or persecuted because their babies want lunch when mom’s out in public.

Breastfeeding is not sinful. It’s not dirty. It’s beautiful. Grow up boys! Three bags of poop on your pitiful prurience.

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