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Friday, February 3, 2012

Just One of Those Dang Jims

Dang. It’s hard to be one of a kind, to be unique in the world, to not be just another Jim Perkins with the same name as thousands of other guys. But being a Jim Perkins is almost as common as being a Smith.

Sam is looking at me as if to say, “Well, you don’t like it, get off. You’re lucky your name isn’t Sam.”

Of course I can’t voluntarily get off the world unless I commit suicide, which I’m not going to do, and I can’t change my name without going to court and spending a lot of valuable time and money pursuing something that probably would provide no more than a negligible return anyway, if any.

Besides, what would I change my name to? I’ve thought a few times that I might change my last name to Powell. That’s what I was for the first 14 years of my life then I was adopted by my stepfather and became Perkins. During high school, I was really glad my last name hadn’t moved out of the Ps because my girlfriend’s last name started with a P and in classes we took together and in our yearbook we were always right beside each other -which I thought was pretty romantic.

I Googled Jim Perkins and James Powell recently just for the heck of it and wow. So many guys were named Jim Perkins and James Powell. I can’t be one of a kind or unique no matter how hard I try. I guess that’s why I write books and post this blog. Trouble is, even being an author is not unique. You know how many other guys out there are writing books and blogs. Crap!

In my search for Jim Perkins I found a singer/songwriter in Atlanta, Georgia; an Irish folk singer in Detroit, Michigan; a composer and producer of contemporary cinematic sound tracks in England; a chief executive officer and highly successful video game entrepreneur; a professor of art who specializes in illustrating biomedical matter and has provided illustrations for more than 40 books; a former general manager of Chevrolet and member of the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky; attorneys, athletes - whew!. The list just goes on and on. At page 2 of my Google search I found hundreds of pictures of Jim Perkins guys, including a picture of Sam and me. Far out.

In my search for James Powell I found a former baseball player, a British novelist, a film maker, a glassmaker, an announcer for the Milwaukee Brewers and the Atlanta Braves. Again, the list was way longer, I just can’t mention everybody named James Powell here.

So, I guess I’m not so special or unique. I’ll just have to live with that. At least a good many of the people named Perkins or Powell were creative people and not politicians or wanted felons. Like I’ve said many times before (quoting Popeye again), I y’am what I y’am. I suppose that will have to be enough.

Only one bag of poop on not being special or unique; it’s not bad enough for three bags.

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