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Monday, January 9, 2012

Hear This or Clean Your Ears

My ears itch all the time. They drive me crazy.

You suppose it’s because I’m getting older and the hair growing in there is tickling me? Sam’s ears itch sometimes too. I took him to the vet this week and she told me I needed to pluck the hairs out of his ears and medicate them so he isn’t bothered like I am – she didn’t say like I am, but that was what I heard. Of course I am getting pretty hard of hearing too, according to Kathleen. She often says, “Gosh, you’re getting deaf,” and I say, “What?” Drives her up the wall, LOL.

Anyway, speaking of ears, did we hear what we wanted to hear from the GOP presidential hopefuls during the New Hampshire debate? I didn’t listen because I figured they would just say the same old things again. They all rant about how Obama is ruining the country, but what they fail to admit is that he inherited the current mess we’re in from the Republican administration of G.W. They seem to forget G.W. screwed us into this deep hole - it’s so convenient for them to forget.

If a presidential hopeful tells you he or she is going to save the country, you should tell him or her to kindly stick in his or her ear because  it ain’t gonna’ happen. I personally think Obama is doing a pretty good job. The reasons our country is having such a hard time economically are simple to figure out. We don’t manufacture much here anymore. Too much of our money is being sent offshore to be squirreled away where it can’t be spread around. We were fighting two incredibly costly wars because the Republicans thought we needed to be the world’s policeman. And we don’t want to pay taxes to bail ourselves out and pull ourselves up by the bootstraps. Pretty simple.

But what good does it do to harp on our economy? Most people, probably including you, don’t want to hear that we have met the enemy and he is us. Too many people want to change canoes in mid-stream now and believe a Republican, if elected to the presidency, will pull a rabbit out of his or her hat. You uppity voters are tired of waiting on Obama. You’re going to “occupy” and take over. I mean, cripes sakes, we’ve waited all of two or three whole years, what the heck is taking Obama so long? Guess what, Obama, when elected wasn’t wearing any emperor’s new clothes and neither will a GOP president. Besides, when Obama has to battle with an uncooperative Congress all the time, how can he concentrate on saving our country?

I think that a good dose of Sam’s ear medicine is what’s needed by the voters in this here United States of America. I squirt this pinkish smelly crap into his ears and he writhes around on the floor for about half an hour so anything plugging his ears is loosened up and falls out, then I squirt some ointment in his ears and voila! – good as new.

Lend me your ears fellow citizens. This will be good for you. Trust me!

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