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Monday, December 26, 2011

Need Map to Find My Resolve

So that was Christmas.

Now we have a New Year. What have we done and what will we do? Time to leave 2011 behind and step boldly into 2012. Who would have thought we would see 2012? Certainly not those of you who predicted the world was going to go haywire at the end of the last century. Remember?

Sam and I don’t make resolutions for the New Year, do you? We always break ours halfway through January anyway. The worst one is, “I’m not going to eat so much in the New Year and I’m going to lose weight.” Never happens.

How about, “I’m going to get more exercise this year.” That never happens either. Or, “I’m going to pay off my bills,” – until that little item you longed for at Christmas goes on sale on President’s Day.

At least our country has resolved to get the heck out of Iraq, where we should never have gone in the first place. Saving $700 billion because we don’t have to make war anymore should help our economy quite a bit. We could easily have given up the payroll tax deduction too. We might actually have come even closer to economic stability.

Speaking of economic stability, I got a job as a shuttle van driver for a local car dealer, driving people who bring their cars in for service back to their home or work, then picking them up later to come get their cars. I thought it would be fun, but now I’m not so sure. The extra money’s nice, but it’s not a lot extra because I have to leave Sam in day-care five days a week and that’s costly. Plus, I’ve been getting up at 5 a.m. to go to work and I’m working five days a week. I really wanted something around three days a week and not so hectic – this job keeps me on the run almost non-stop for five and a half hours a day.

I know, I shouldn’t whine and Kathleen looks at me with that wife-look that says, “Can’t you be satisfied? What’s wrong with bringing in a little extra money?”

Just as resolutions can be thought of as a sort of road map for the New Year though, I guess would feel better about this part-time job if I knew my way around the Olympia, Lacey, Tumwater area better. I have a map but like a resolution, I don’t follow it very closely. Besides, I’m not sure even God could find some of the streets around here – especially in the dark. How about Commerce Place Drive Northeast? Is it a dad gummed place or a drive? Why does it have to be both? How about Haven Crest Court SW on the other side of town? Oh, and we have a lot of “loop” streets around here that – loop. Aaarrgghh!

And they don’t believe in well lit house numbers in this part of the country. I often find myself driving down a long lonely road peering into total blackness for a house number that is only on the side of a mailbox in the middle of six other mailboxes and on the wrong side of the road. I often am honked at by the guy behind me and I dare say he’s probably flipping me off too.

Well, Happy New Year everybody! My resolution right now is to find my way back home without driving all over Thurston County and winding up in the middle of Joint Base Lewis McChord. Is that a tank I see up ahead?

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