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Monday, November 14, 2011

Now It's Time to Un-Occupy

Sam and I say it’s time for the "Occupy" movement to head ‘em up, move em’ out, and get the ‘h’ out of Dodge.

Most of the so-called occupiers admit they haven’t even reached a consensus on what this movement is about. Well, whatever it’s about, it has stalled badly and it is nose diving like a kamikaze plane spinning out of control into the sea of total irrelevance. What began as a pretty clever way to protest the greed and avarice of Wall Street and big banks has now moldered down to nothing more than a lousy excuse for our country’s aimless and shiftless to squat on public and private properties and make nuisances of themselves in what are quickly becoming squalid, litter-infested campsites. Even deaths are occurring at some of the "Occupy" sites now.

Maybe the one good thing that will come out of this whole "Occupy" deal will be to focus more attention on the homeless and underprivileged, but not if they don’t cut and skedaddle pdq. Wall Street is going to continue to be Wall Street and big banks are going to continue to take and spend our money and not give it back to us. And we sure can’t count on Congress to help.

The "Occupy" movement has to end because it’s draining money out of state and city coffers whose budgets already are being busted by these bad economic times. According to a story on NPR, the city of Atlanta, Georgia, may have to spend as much as $300,000 to deal with the "Occupy" movement there. The cost of "Occupy" in New York where Occupy Wall Street began could run as high as $2 million.

In Oakland, California, protestors shut down the port and clashed with police to the tune of about $700,000. At Seattle Central Community College, officials there estimate the "Occupy" movement is costing the college, the state and its taxpayers nearly $20,000 per week. Add damages to buildings that the occupiers are trashing and the price tag goes even higher.

The "Occupy" movement may take such a bite out of community services - which many of the occupiers themselves badly need, that community services (already chewed to pieces by budget cuts), may disappear totally - like a dried up desert watering hole. If the occupiers don’t head ‘em up and move ‘em out pretty soon, there won’t be any "good vittles, love and kissin’ waiting at the end of the line" (from Rawhide) for them anymore.

The really scary thing about the "Occupy" movement is that many – maybe a majority - of the occupiers clearly and plainly have nowhere else to go. Sam and I hope we will be able to handle the occupiers better than Egypt and Khadafy and Syria and Yemen have done. Dealing with big shiftless crowds having nothing better to do than squat in city parks and on college campuses is way too parallel to what is happening in the Middle East.

Three bags of poop on that!

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