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Monday, November 28, 2011

Greetings from Bozeman, MT

Good morning friends!

 I’m sitting at Rockford Coffee & Roasters in Bozeman, Montana, drinking one of their lattes as I write this post. If you ever get to Bozeman check this place out, it’s one of my favorite here; roomy, friendly and free Wi-Fi.

Kathleen and I are visiting her family over here. They actually live in Churchill, so named because of the two churches on the hill (go figure). Churchill is a little enclave of homes about 10 miles west of Bozeman surrounded by dairy, cattle, hay and wheat farms. It’s an area of low rolling hills, mostly golden-colored, from the harvested grain, and surrounded by mountains like the Bridgers, the Absarokas, the Crazy Mountains, the Gallatins, the Madison Range, the Spanish Peaks and the Tobacco Roots.

Today, it’s 29 degrees outside with traces of snow here and there, but the sun is shining brightly and downtown Bozeman is still pretty quiet because it’s only a little after 9 a.m. The Black Friday crowd must still be at home recovering from their shopping sprees.

I miss Sam while we’re here. He’s at Top Dag Day Care in Olympia where he receives plenty of love and attention, but I still miss him. That little dog sure has grown on me in the year and half he’s been my buddy.

Speaking of growing, I was sitting at my sister-in-law Norma’s dining table earlier, eating one of her wonderful cinnamon rolls. As I was eating I noticed a box of food wrap on the kitchen counter that was labeled “Skin Tight.” I couldn’t help reflecting that my clothes felt a little skin tight after the sumptuous Thanksgiving meal we had. WOW!

I’m going to do some touristy perusing of downtown Bozeman and surrounding area as soon as I finish this post. Kathleen is going out to lunch with her sister Norma and sister-in-law Vonnie, so I am left to my own devices – which I have to admit I kind of like. My brothers-in-law Charlie and George often take me out to breakfast during my visits here, but Charlie’s working at his farm today and George is recuperating from back surgery. Get well soon George!

My favorite place in Bozeman arguably is Murdoch’s. That’s a big rambling store across the freeway from town and it is the gentleperson farmer’s store par excellence. It has everything you can imagine you need for your small acreage, from horse saddles and supplies to live chickens and ducks to Carhart clothing to fencing – you name it. I can spend hours in that store just daydreaming.

I wish I had more time when I’m here to go over to Montana State University. I’d like to check out the campus and I hear they have a pretty good bookstore. Another attraction on the campus of MSU is the Museum of the Rockies, their dinosaur museum, world renowned as I understand it. Apparently, a lot of dinosaur fossils have been found in the surrounding area. One of these days I’ll go to the museum, though to tell you the truth, I’m not real keen on old dead things. I’m going to be an old dead thing myself soon enough – especially if I keep eating like I have been - and I’m definitely not real keen on that.

Talk to you again soon friends. Hope you enjoyed the holiday and are looking forward to the next one as much as I am.

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