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Friday, October 28, 2011

My Dog Sam is My Best Bud

I saw the greatest Christmas cards this week. I swear Sam posed for them because a Shih Tzu (wearing a red elves’ hat) on the front of the card looked exactly like Sam. OMG those cards were cute. I can’t believe I didn’t buy a couple of boxes of them.

Sam constantly amazes me and occasionally dismays me. This past weekend I wasn’t feeling well – about the time the Seahawks were being plucked again - so I went into the bedroom and laid down. Sam jumped up on the bed beside me even though he knew full well he wasn’t supposed to be there. And how could I get angry with him for trying to comfort me? It just blew me away that he did that.

Since I didn’t want Sam up on the bed I decided to lie down on the couch. He promptly lay down beside me again and licked my face so I would feel better.

Of course Sam has his less-than-endearing moments too. Today he woke me up at 2:30 a.m. and again at 5:30 to go to the bathroom. He got his hair cut yesterday, but he didn’t eat or drink anything different that I know of, so I don’t know what the deal was. Usually, he sleeps straight through the night sometimes he’s so sluggish about waking up I practically have to evict him from his crate. Then he’ll snooze on the couch until I finally drag him outside to whiz.

When Kathleen and I were preparing to travel to Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago, I arranged for Sam to stay at the kennel where he attends day care. He really likes it there so I feel okay about leaving him for a few days although I always miss him like crazy.

Anyway, some friends volunteered to keep Sam at their house instead. They live out in the country and their dog recently died so they thought it would be fun to keep Sam. I was somewhat hesitant about leaving Sam with someone he didn’t know, even though they are very nice. And he would have had plenty of room to run and play, but both the people worked and I was worried about Sam getting lonely.

Our friends invited us to dinner and we took Sam to their house to see if he and they could get along together. Well, it was so far out in the country to our friend’s house I decided there was no way I wanted to drag Sam all the way out there, leave him mostly on his own, then drive all that way to pick him up at the end of our trip. However, I was in a total quandary how to tell our friends.

Fortunately (I guess), Sam quickly solved my quandary. We walked inside our friend’s house and Sam headed for their master bedroom where he promptly peed on the bed cover. Then he made a bee-line for the living room, with Kathleen and me chasing him and yelling like horrified parents, and lifted his leg on a recliner and peed on it. I confess I nearly laughed, but didn’t. Sam had never done anything like that at anybody else’s house before.

It was mutually agreed after that, that Sam should go to his kennel while Kathleen and I went to Las Vegas.

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