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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Let's Dump the Pink Guys

Football players, baseball players, hockey players and other male athletes are NOT pretty in pink. I realize those guys are wearing pink shoes, pink gloves, pink towels and other pink paraphernalia to show their sensitive sides in support of breast cancer awareness, but Sam and I say enough with the pink already!

Gees. It’s like our pro athletes have merged with the Lingerie Football League or something.

Yeah, I know, Sam and I are showing our male chauvinist loutish sides, but good grief. You ladies don’t want us guys to look down the front of your low-cut blouses to stare at your breasts, yet you want us to support you and give money to breast cancer research. You could probably raise more money and raise it faster at $5 a peek. Think about it.

It’s not that pink isn’t pretty. It is. In fact, I have long advocated that women wear more pink. Forget about whether it stereotypes you. Women look good in pink. One of my fondest memories is of my high school girlfriend wearing a pink skirt and pink tennis shoes. She was tall and tan and oh so lovely . . . Ah, but I digress.

I like pink on girl babies. I like pink outfits on my little grade-school aged granddaughter. I like pink. But male athletes should not be wearing pink. Male athletes should not be swinging pink bats or whacking pink hockey pucks. Like I said, enough already. The whole pink thing in athletics was good for a year or two. But now it’s getting old. You cancer awareness people have made your point.

Besides, I don’t know many guys who aren’t already aware of the devastation of breast cancer. Either their wife or girlfriend or an acquaintance probably has been affected by it. Thank God my wife doesn’t have breast cancer, but I have had a couple of great women friends die from it; their fights against it were long and courageous, but in the end, just when they thought they had it licked it came back with a vengeance and took them away.

The thing is, any form of cancer is bad. Why so much publicity about breast cancer? Maybe it is the number one killer of women but why does it receive so much more attention than, say prostate cancer? Well, I’ll tell you why. Because in America we consider breasts pretty and the male phallic member not pretty – plain and simple. Guys can go to jail for showing off their male member. Women do not go to jail for showing off their breasts. Oh sure, Janet Jackson got into a little trouble for her “accident” at the Super Bowl, but by and large you women flaunt your breasts as much as you want to. Anyway, men get breast cancer too. Did you know that?

To be really fair how about our pro athletes wearing blue paraphernalia the next couple of years for prostate cancer awareness? Equality should not mean one sex gets more attention than the other. Right ladies?

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