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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Not Perry for Pres please

Please people. Please, please, puhleeeze don’t elect Rick Perry president of the United States. What this country does NOT need right now is another Texan whose boots are full of bull boogy; who will gut our national pride even more than the last two Texans did, and who will cause the last drops of America’s dignity to bleed out on the world stage like red wine spilled on an Afghan rug.

Okay, maybe Obama hasn’t turned out to be God and maybe he hasn’t pulled off any miracles concerning jobs and the economy, but my gosh we do NOT NEED a new leader right now who insists that we should install prayer and the 10 Commandments in public schools, and that Social Security is a “ponzi scheme.”

Perry said once (at least once) that Texas should consider seceding from the United States. How about we seriously consider letting that happen? I’d rather vote for that than for Perry. Then he would be living in a foreign country and we wouldn’t have to put up with him anymore – unless he declared war on us, which wouldn’t surprise me.

If you can look into Perry’s eyes and tell me flat out that he’s anything other than Monsieur le Presidential Hopeful de Buffoon, and won’t someday lead us into an invasion of Mexico or Canada, I’ll give you my Arnold Schwarzenegger Commando Doll and a can of marbles (so you at least will have all of yours).

Perry’s just a typical wanna’-be who will say whatever he thinks he needs to say to win the presidency – never mind what he previously mispoke. He makes Newt Gingrich look downright good. And to put Perry and John Boehner together in the power seats of this country’s government would be an irresponsible act, almost treasonable, as Perry himself might say.

Americans need jobs NOT another Texas president. We need to pay our taxes and our bills and quit whining about paying taxes. We DO NOT need another Texas president. We need to get the h-e-double-L out of Iraq and Afghanistan, which are going to implode as soon as we leave no matter how long we stay and a no matter how many billions of dollars we spend there. We DO NOT NEED another Texas president.

Why do we have to keep putting up with these Wild Bill Wahoos from Texas who think they can rally us like latter day Alamo martyrs? Can’t we find a good candidate in some other state? How about Oregon or Washington, Idaho or Nevada? How about Montana? I was going to say, “How about Wyoming?” but I just realized Dick Cheney came from there and the last thing we need is a new president shooting one of his friends (or cabinet ministers with whom he disagrees) in the butt. ? How about a president from Alaska or Hawaii?

Let’s coin a campaign slogan that insures Perry loses; it could be as simple as, “Perry’s too Scary.” We need to send something off to the Republican party tempus fugit (or something like that). Where’s Davy Crockett when we need him?

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