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Monday, July 4, 2011

Aching for some of that good old sum, sum, summertime

Happy Fourth of July Everybody!

Oh those hazy, lazy, crazy days of summer (thanks Nat). Where are they? Sam and I are cooped up once again looking out the window at grey skies and drizzle. Aarrgghh! I’m waxing nostalgic about sun and warmth, shorts and suntan lotion, swimming and picnicking. It’s officially been summer for more than a week already, but you wouldn’t know it in Olympia.

I don’t often allow myself to become nostalgic, what’s the use? But apparently, the only way I can have summer here – is to harken back to a few of those summer days of my youthful yesteryears

My favorite summer memory might be senior sneak day when I was in high school (a long, long time ago). My girlfriend and I drove to a popular river swimming hole in the redwoods, along with a bunch of our classmates, and spent the day picnicking, swimming and – most importantly – making out. I will never forget lying on the soft warm sand, making out (that’s what we called it then).

Another great summer memory is the time my I took my daughters to Disneyland, driving down the highway in a rented motor home, stopping any time we wanted to, parking in neat and tidy campgrounds. The girls were a great age and we all had a blast.

I like road trips a lot. Last summer Kathleen and Sam and I drove across Montana, Wyoming and South Dakota and had a great time. I had never seen the badlands of South Dakota. More importantly, I had never seen the Little Bighorn National Monument (aka Custer battlefield). As I stood on the knoll where Custer and his men made their last stand, attempting to fight off the Indians who had outsmarted them, I couldn’t help wondering how many times some other arrogant yahoo military guy hell bent on making his reputation had led his men to certain death. Read about the Charge of the Light Brigade sometime or the trench warfare of WWI to see what I mean.

Anyway, I’m about ready for a road trip again, in spite of the high price of gas. My favorite stretch of road, which I likely will be traversing again soon, is Highway 101 between Garberville, California and Ukiah. It is rugged and beautiful and I never fail to marvel at its beauty. I also like 101 further south where it becomes El Camino Real, aka The Royal Road or The King’s Highway. Another favorite drive is Highway 1 between Santa Cruz and San Luis Obispo, down the Monterey peninsula, past Big Sur and Carmel along some of the most breath taking coastal scenery ever. A drive like that makes me forget (momentarily) why I don’t want to live in California anymore.

One time driving along Highway 1, I counted 50 Ferrari’s going by the other way and finally quit counting because I became disgusted that I didn’t have enough money to buy a Ferrari. How is that fair?

Anyway, have a happy sum, sum, summertime ya’ll. Sam is heading for the garage, dancing around in anticipation of leaping into my truck and taking off.

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